Best IPTV Players for Android

Best IPTV Player for Android to Stream Live TV

When it comes to entertainment, IPTV offers a large amount of content that any streaming service could ever offer. Also, Android devices are the most convenient source to install and access IPTV. When compared to other devices, Android has the most compatible IPTV apps to install, which can be done either from the Play Store or sideload the app as apk files. Speaking of sideloading, no other device can handle sideloading as easily as Android. So, we handpicked the best IPTV player for Android smartphones and tablets.

Pros of VPN while Streaming IPTV

Get a VPN connection before accessing any IPTV service. With VPN, you can avoid your IP address being tracked or monitored online. Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN offers servers all over the world and support with all kind of IPTV providers. Subscribe to any of the subscription plans and get an encrypted VPN connection.

Best IPTV Player for Android

  • Kodi
  • GSE Smart IPTV
  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • IPTV by Alexander Sofronov
  • Lazy IPTV
  • VLC
  • TiviMate IPTV Player
  • OTT Navigator IPTV
  • Perfect Player IPTV
  • Lenox Media Player


Best IPTV Players for Android

Kodi is a popular IPTV player that allows you to stream all kinds of IPTV media in one place. You can use credentials with username & password, M3U URL, and service ID to access IPTV. Several IPTV services have their very own IPTV build Kodi Add-on to access their service. Also, it is available to download directly from the Play Store. Kodi app is completely legal to install and stream legal copyright available content.



GSE Smart IPTV is s a must-have IPTV player for Android and the perfect solution to stream Live and Non-Live content. It supports IPTV with Xtream code API, remote playlist, EPG, etc. It has parental control to restrict content among adults and children. GSE Smart IPTV has an in-built media player to play any kind of media, and you can also add external players like MX Player and VLC media player for additional options and features.

IPTV Smarters Pro

Best IPTV Players for Android

IPTV Smarters Pro is the perfect IPTV player application for Android devices. It supports the most popular medium of IPTV like Xtream Codes API and M3U Playlist. Sign in to IPTV with this service ID, and you can watch Live TV, Movies, Series, Catchup, and many more based on the split-ups. Also, it has features like embedded subtitles, dynamic language switching, a built-in IPTV media player, and External player integration support.

IPTV by Alexander Sofronov


IPTV is a simple and best IPTV players application for Android using which you can access any kind of M3U or M3U8 and XSPF file anytime and anywhere. It has some features like grid view, Auto-play last channel, and also supports both external and internal media player. It is completely free to download and if you want more additional features and support without any ad interference, then opt for the pro version, which costs about $2.99.


Best IPTV Players for Android

Lazy IPTV is another popular IPTV application that allows you to stream Live TV based on IPTV servers. You can stream IPTV with the help of the M3U playlist URL provided by your IPTV provider and also support several other things like export playlist, play HTTP, UDP streams, main screen customization, auto-update playlist, built-in audio & video player, and many more. It is available on the Play Store for free to download.



VLC Media Player is a feature-rich media player application with millions of users all around the globe. Apart from being a media player, it also has the capability to stream IPTV from the server with the help of the M3U or M3U8 URL. It is available on all kinds of Android and Android-based devices, which are simple to operate and navigate. Once you added the M3U URL for streaming, all the other control are just like how you navigate on VLC Media Player.

TiviMate IPTV Player

Best IPTV Players for Android

TiviMate is one of the best-known IPTV Players in the Android market. It works just like GSE Smart IPTV, but when compared to both, the GSE Smart IPTV is more efficient. But also, you should definitely check out for its new interface, multi-playlist support, internal player supports, etc. It is also compatible with external players like VLC Media Player, GOM Player, and several other popular media players.

OTT Navigator IPTV

OTT navigator IPTV

OTT Navigator is another IPTV platform that allows you to stream with the M3U Playlist file. It also supports a generic middleware server to get IPTV on your device. It has some of the common features like theme settings, multiple playlist support, pip (Picture-in-picture) mode, etc. Apart from the application interface, it also allows you to customize and modify the media player interface, and also it lets you add an external player too.

Perfect Player IPTV

Best IPTV Players for Android

Perfect Player IPTV is a set-top box like an IPTV player, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets. It supports playlist formats like M3U and XSPF, also it supports EPG formats like XMLTV and JTV, using which you can connect to the IPTV data server and any kind of IPTV content available. For streaming, it has its own media player, or you can also prefer any compatible external media player.

Lenox Media Player

Lenox MP

Lenox Media Player (Lenox MP) is a different kind of IPTV Player than the rest as it does not require any M3U URL to access IPTV. You can start streaming IPTV, just with a service ID, username, and password. It is offered by limited IPTV service, but most of the IPTV that uses Lenox Media Player is the most quality one. You can install and access IPTV on Lenox Media Player directly from the Play Store.


With these best IPTV player applications for Android, you can stream live TV and on-demand videos. None of the above-mentioned IPTV services provide any kind of TV source or VOD, and they just act as a mediator between IPTV providers and users. Pick an IPTV app that your IPTV provider. If we have any of your favorite IPTV players on the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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