How to Use IPTV on VLC: Stream IPTV Channels on VLC


VLC is an open-source media player to stream and plays any kind of media on all the available devices. If you are an IPTV user, then VLC is a simple and straightforward way to stream all types of IPTV content effortlessly. All you need is an M3U or M3U8 URL from your IPTV provider to stream IPTV. If you don’t have an insight into how to use IPTV on the VLC media player, then read the complete article to access the VLC media player on all the available devices.

Use a VPN while streaming IPTV

It is important to have an active VPN service on your device before accessing any kind of IPTV service. Without a VPN, your IP address can be easily tracked and monitored online. To be protected by having a VPN turn on before streaming IPTV. Use NordVPN or Express VPN.

VLC – Available Devices

VLC Media player is available on the following devices.

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone& iPad)
  • Apple TV
  • Android-based devices (Android TV, Android Box, Fire TV, and Firestick)
  • PC (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, and Ubuntu)


To access IPTV on the VLC media player, then make sure to have the following things listed below.

  • The latest version of VLC Media Player.
  • Active IPTV subscription.
  • M3U or M3U8 URL from your IPTV provider.

How to Stream IPTV on VLC for Android Devices

[1] Launch the VLC Media Player on your Android smartphone or tablet. Install the app from the Play Store.

[2] Choose More from the bottom panel.

[3] Under the Stream section, choose New Stream.

New Stream button

[4] Enter the Network address (M3U or M3U8 URL) from your IPTV provider.


[5] Click on the Stream icon (triangle shape icon) next to the address bar.

[6] Now you can stream or use IPTV via VLC Media Player.


[7] To change or navigate among channels or content, click on the List icon on the top.


[8] Here you can choose from the list of available channels.

How to Get IPTV on VLC for iOS Devices

[1] Launch VLC Media Player on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

VLC for Mobile

[2] Choose the Network option from the bottom panel.


[3] Under Network, tap the Open Network Stream option.

Open Network Stream

[4] Enter the M3U or M3U8 URL in the URL tab.


[4] Click on Open Network Stream to start streaming the IPTV contents on your iOS device.

How to Stream IPTV on Apple TV Using VLC

[1] Launch VLC Media Player on Apple TV from the App Store.

[2] Choose the Network Stream section from the top.

Apple TV VLC

[3] Enter the M3U URL provided during sign up for IPTV.

[4] Click on Open Network Stream to start streaming IPTV.

How to Stream IPTV on Firestick Using VLC

[1] In the Search bar and search for VLC for Fire TV.

VLC for Fire

[2] Select the VLC for Fire TV app from the results.


[3] Install the VLC for Fire TV on your device.

Get icon

[4] Open the VLC on your Firestick.

Open button

[5] From the left pane, choose Browsing.


[6] Under the Browsing column, choose the Stream.


[7] Enter the Network streaming URL provided by the IPTV service.

[8] Click on the Stream to start streaming all the content.

How to Watch IPTV on PC Using VLC

VLC on PC supports the following operating system that includes Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, and Ubuntu.

[1] Launch VLC Media Player on your PC.

[2] Choose Media from the menu bar.

Open Network Stream

[3] Select Open Network Stream or press Ctrl + N on the keyboard to open directly.


[4] Under the Network section, enter the Network URL.

[5] Click on Play to start to stream all the available content.

[6] To navigate among channels, press Ctrl + L to view all the available content.


These are the steps on how you can stream on VLC Media player on various devices. The only disadvantage of VLC is that you can’t be able to stream using a username and password if that’s only provided by the IPTV provider. In that scenario, you need to opt for some of the IPTV players like IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTV, etc. If you have any issues using VLC Media Player on your device, comment below.