What is XSPF URL in IPTV?

What is XSPF URL in IPTV?

The field of IPTV works using the URL or file formats to stream TV channels, VOD, and other contents in the best resolution. In the list of URLs, XSPF takes part and does its job in an essential way. Let’s dive into what the XML Shared Playlist Format is all about.

What is XSPF File?

An XSPF is a text-based file format created using XML tags for better compatibility on every device. This file is mostly used in saving the info and destination of media files that are stored in a particular private server. The file format doesn’t store the actual media files like MP3 and MP4 in it.

It is similar to M3U and M3U8 file formats, except you, can’t convert this file directly into a playable format in a media player. You can open this file format using a text editor. But to stream its content, you need a Media player or IPTV player that supports the file format.

How Does XSPF File Work

The main job of the XSPF file format is to save the exact location of the media files you need to stream. When using an IPTV player to stream an XSPF file, the media player will first convert the XSPF format into a playable M3U or M3U8 file format. After converting them, the media player will view the stored info of the file on your device. Now by choosing the media content you want, the media player will send a request to file access, and the server will provide the player with appropriate data packets.

This is how the file formats of an IPTV service work on the internet. This makes the IPTV service run faster, more reliable, and act better than cable TV networks.

Why VPN is Necessary for Accessing XSPF?

Many ISP services as their own privacy policy in which some ISP won’t provide internet to access IPTV file formats. This will result in not working, and interrupt in your IPTV streaming. To prevent this, IPTV users switch to a VPN network for constant streaming and to tackle these errors with ease. We recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN to enhance your IPTV streaming on your device.

How to Convert XSPF File using VLC

You can use the VLC media Player on your computer to convert and stream the content present in the XSPF file format for free.

1: Open the VLC media player on your PC.

2: Now, click on the Media tab button on the top left of the app.

3: From the drop-down, select Save Playlist to File option.

How to Convert XSPF file on VLC Media Player

4: Then, import your XSPF file and change the Save as type to M3U or M3U8 on VLC.

5: Click on the Save button and wait for the VLC to convert the file format.

6: After converting the file into a playable format, you can start streaming on your device.

Why XSPF is not Working?

Sometimes users may find it difficult to convert and stream XSPF files into their media player due to some errors. Possible reasons for the not working error are,

  • The file might get corrupted.
  • Incorrect media links are stored in the file.
  • Accidental deletion of the description or key element of the links.
  • Outdated drivers on your computer that reads the file format.

List of XSPF-Supported IPTV Players

Some of the popular IPTV players on the internet to stream IPTV are,


How to get XSPF file formats?

You can get access to an XSPF file format by subscribing to the premium plans of an IPTV service or on the internet. Use a trusted website to get the file format from the internet.