Albkanale IPTV: How to Install on Android, Smart TV, Firestick & PC

Albkanale IPTV

Albkanale IPTV is a free IPTV provider that offers its own app support. It lets you stream over 1,000+ live TV channels, movies & TV shows. All this content can be streamed ad-free and in dark mode within the app. Additionally, you have 24/7 customer support for queries or streaming issues related to this service. The IPTV offers APK for app installation, and thus, it works only on devices like Android mobile, Smart TV, Firestick & PC.

Why Choose Albkanale IPTV?

  • The IPTV offers cost-free service without any terms and conditions.
  • Broadcasts 500 Albanian & foreign channels with all major sports networks.
  • Its sports channels cover a variety of games like Formula 1, Football leagues, MotoGP, Boxing, etc.
  • Its content is available in HD and Full HD quality.
  • You have the EPG option to change between any channel easily.
  • With its easy-to-use & catchy interface for accessing the title you like in a convenient way.


As already said, it is a free IPTV service. To enjoy streaming, you only need to install its standalone APK on your supported streaming device.

Why is a VPN Necessary While Streaming Albkanale IPTV?

As it is a free service, there are chances for the provider to track your data and location. Also, you are installing its app using an APK file, risking your own device’s safety. Moreover, the IPTV won’t have the proper license for the content it holds, most probably, and streaming them might lead to legal issues. So, better connect to  ExpressVPN or NordVPN while streaming AlbKanale IPTV, which will help you escape from all the above complications.

How to Watch Albkanale IPTV on Android Mobile

1. Go to a web browser on your Android device.

2. Head to Albkanale IPTV’s official website and click on the Download Directly option.

3. Now, the APK File of Albkanale IPTV will be downloaded on your Android smartphone.

4. Then, go to the Settings menu and select Security & fingerprint option.

5. Locate the Unknown sources option and switch on the toggle.

Turn on Unknown sources

6. Now select the downloaded IPTV APK file and follow the on-screen prompts to install it.

7. Once the Albakanale IPTV app is installed, launch it and stream your favorite movies & TV shows.

How to Watch Albkanale IPTV on Firestick

1. Go to the Firestick home screen and hit the Find tab.

2. Select the Search tile and search for the Downloader app.

3. Select the app from the search result and hit the Get or Download button.

Install Downloader

4. Wait for a couple of minutes to install the Downloader app.

5. After installing the Downloader app, go to SettingsMy Fire TV.

My Fire TV

6. Select the Developer Options and choose to Install unknown apps.

7. Choose Downloader from the list and turn it on.

Turn on Downloader

8. After that, launch the Downloader app and accept the terms & conditions.

9. Then, input the URL of the Albkanale IPTV APK link [] in the URL field.

10. Hit the Go button to download the APK File.

Install the Albkanale IPTV app

11. Once the APK File is downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen prompts to install the app.

12. After the Albkanale IPTV app is installed, launch it and watch any content within it.

How to Watch Albkanale IPTV on Windows PC & Mac

1. Go to a web browser and visit the official website of Bluestacks.

2. Download and install the Bluestacks app on your Windows PC & Mac.

3. Also, download the APK file of Albkanale IPTV from the official site.

4. Open the Bluestacks app and sign in with your Google account details.

5. Then, tap the Install apk icon.

Click Install apk icon

6. Go to the download location of Albkanale IPTV’s APK file and select it. Click Open to install the app.

7. Once the app is installed, launch it and select any desired content for watching.

Alternate Method

The IPTV also offers a web player on its official website that’ll help you access the IPTV content using your browser itself. Even mobile & Firestick users can also use this method.

1. Go to the IPTV’s website and click the IPTV Portal button.

2. Then, enter your email address and password to sign in and watch the Albkanale IPTV on your Windows or Mac.

Enter email id and password

How to Get Albkanale IPTV on Smart TV

1. Take a PC and download the Albkanale IPTV APK file.

2. Copy it to a USB drive and eject it.

3. Plug in the USB drive into your Smart TV and head to Smart TV’s Settings option.

Insert USB drive

4. Then open the following options one by one: Device PreferencesSecurity & restrictionsTurn on the Unknown sources option.

Enable Unknown sources

5. Now open the File Manager folder of your TV and select the APK file.

6. Click Install to start the IPTV app installation process.

7. After installation, you can surf through the channel library of the IPTV and watch channels on big screens.

Customer Support

The service offers a Talk To Us form to let users register their concerns. The button to access this form is available on the IPTV website‘s Homepage. After you write up your issues or queries, they’ll get back to you through email as soon as possible.


As a free IPTV service, AlbKanale IPTV’s features and streaming quality are appreciable. And so its limited channel and VOD offerings can’t be judged. Its only drawbacks are less content availability and compatibility with limited devices. If you are on a budget and want to enjoy IPTV streaming without spending anything, choose this service.

How to Resolve Albkanale IPTV Not Working Issue

Albkanale IPTV has stable servers, so there is less chance for issues to occur. If you face any complications in accessing the service, follow the steps below to rectify them.

  • First, check the internet speed of your device using a reliable website. If it is slow, restart the router or internet supply source and try streaming again.
  • Close and relaunch the Albkanale IPTV app.
  • Reboot your streaming device once.
  • Check whether the IPTV app is the latest version. If not, install the new app version.

Alternatives to Albkanale IPTV

The following are some of the alternatives to Albkanale IPTV.

Bunny Streams

Bunny Streams

Bunny Streams IPTV offers over 15,000+ live TV channels, movies, and TV shows. The complete highlight of this IPTV service provider is that you will get 48 hours of trial at $1. Additionally, this IPTV service provider supports any VPN so that you can access the content from this IPTV service provider anytime and anywhere.

Fortune IPTV

Fortune IPTV

You can stream more than 12,000+ live TV channels and 35,000+ VOD content with Fortune IPTV. Even you can stream your favorite movies & TV shows in HD quality. You even have the EPG guide feature, which lets you keep track of your favorite live TV channels. You also have the anti-buffering feature, which will help you reduce the buffering speed of the IPTV content.



ATV IPTV is a popular IPTV service provider where you can watch over 1000+ live TV channels, 3000+ movies, and popular channels from Europe. As usual, you will get the 7-day EPG guide feature, which will let you keep track of your live TV channels. You will even get more live TV channels from the USA.


Is it possible to record and rewatch shows on AlbKanale IPTV?

No, the service doesn’t offer a TV catch-up facility.