Viper TV IPTV Review: How to Stream on Android, iOS, Firestick, PC, Smart TV

Viper IPTV

Viper IPTV has the best Live TV channels in its 15,000+ TV channel lineup. You can stream the TV channel in HD quality on multiple streaming devices. This IPTV has M3U support, and thereby, you can install the IPTV Players on your device to access the content. The TV channels are powered by stable servers for non-stop streaming.

Why Choose Viper IPTV?

  • Viper IPTV provides over 15000 live TV channels, PPV events, and international channels.
  • It offers 33000+ movies and 25000+ TV show episodes for on-demand streaming.
  • The TV channels come with the Electonic Program Guide to never miss anything, as you will find the timings for the upcoming programs.
  • It supports adding channels to favorites for easy access anytime.


You can choose between any of its subscription plans to watch titles for unlimited hours. Unlike other IPTV providers, there are no free trials available with Viper TV. It is a contract-free IPTV, and you can cancel at any time without cancellation fees.

  • 1 connection$19.95 per month
  • 2 connections$25.95 per month
  • 3 connections $29.95 per month
  • 4 connections$33.95 per month
  • 5 connections$36.95 per month

Why is VPN Necessary When Streaming Viper IPTV?

VPN is a mandate while you are streaming an IPTV. A VPN will provide an extra layer of encryption for your device. Also, you can stream without any fear of geo-restrictions. With a VPN, you will not face any legal issues like copyright infringement, as most IPTVs fall under the grey area. Make sure to use the best VPN, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Viper TV is VPN-friendly, and you can enable the VPN to stay anonymous.

How to Sign Up for Viper IPTV

#1 Go to the official site of Viper IPTV on a Smartphone or PC.

#2 Click on the Buy Now Renew menu option.

#3 Scroll down and click the Purchase and Renew button.

Sign up for Viper IPTV

#4 On the next screen, choose the subscription.

#5 Select the one you want and click Buy Now.

Sign up for Viper IPTV

#6 Click on the Add to Bag button.

Sign up for Viper IPTV

#7 Select Go to Checkout and enter the payment details.

Sign up for Viper IPTV

#8 Complete the payment. You will get the IPTV credentials.

How to Stream Viper IPTV on Android Devices

#1 On your Android device, open the Play Store app.

#2 Go ahead to search for the Purple IPTV Player app in the Play Store.

#3 Select Install to download the Purple IPTV Player app on your Android device.

#4 Then, click Open to launch the Purple IPTV Player app.

#5 On the welcome screen, click on the Load Playlist from URL button.

Viper IPTV on Android Devices with Purple IPTV

#6 Enter any name, username, or password of Viper IPTV. Also, enter the M3U URL of Viper IPTV and click Login.

Viper IPTV on Android Devices with Purple IPTV

#7 Then, stream your favorite content on Android devices.

Viper IPTV on Android Devices with Purple IPTV

How to Stream Viper IPTV on Apple Devices

#1 On your Apple device, install the IPTV Smarters Player app from the App Store.

IPTV Smarters Player

#2 Now, open the IPTV Smarters Player app on your device.

Viper IPTV on iOS Devices  with IPTV Smarters Player

#3 Click on the Add Playlist from the File/URL option.

#4 On the next screen, enter your login credentials, like name, username, password, and M3U URL of Viper TV.

Viper IPTV on iOS Devices  with IPTV Smarters Player

#5 Click the Add User option, and the content will start loading.

#6 Choose the IPTV content to stream on the iOS device.

How to Install and Stream Viper IPTV on Firestick

#1 Click on the Find option on the Firestick home screen.

#2 On the next screen, select the Search tile.

Downloader on Firestick

#3 On the search field, type Downloader.

Downloader on Firestick

#4 Select the Downloader app from the search results. Click on the Get button to download the app.

Downloader on Firestick

#5 Go back to the home screen.

#6 Click on the Settings option and choose My Fire TV from the Settings menu.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

#7 Choose the Developer Options and then select Install Unknown Apps.

#8 Turn on the Downloader to install apps from other sources.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

#9 Now, launch the Downloader app and click on the URL field.

#10 Enter the TiviMate IPTV Player APK URL and select Go to download the Apk file.

#11 Install the TiviMate IPTV Player on Firestick and launch the app.

Downloader on Firestick

#12 Provide the Viper TV M3U URL and sign in with your account.

#13 Start streaming the live TV channels on Firestick.

How to Watch Viper IPTV on Smart TV

#1 Install the Smart IPTV app on your Smart TV from the App Store.

#2 Open the Smart IPTV app.

#3 Note down the MAC Address on the welcome screen.

Viper IPTV on Smart TV with Smart IPTV

#4 Go to the Smart IPTV Website [//] from any web browser.

#5 Activate the Smart IPTV Player using the MAC address and go to the My List tab on the website.

#6 Enter the MAC address, URL of Viper IPTV, and EPG URL.

#7 Then, click Save Online and Detect EPG check boxes.

#8 Select the Send button to upload the Playlist.

Viper IPTV on Smart TV with Smart IPTV

#9 Restart the Smart IPTV app on your smart TV. The home screen will load.

#10 Stream the Viper TV content.

How to Stream Viper IPTV on PC

#1 Download and install the BlueStacks app on your PC from the official website.

Download BlueStacks

#2 Open the BlueStacks app and log in to your Google account.

#3 Search for IPTV Stream Player and download the app on the PC.

Viper IPTV on PC with BlueStacks

#4 Launch the IPTV Stream Player and go to the login screen.

#5 Provide the M3U URL of Viper IPTV and choose the content for streaming.

Customer Support

Viper IPTV offers 24/7 customer support. If you face Viper TV not working or the server is down, you shall contact customer service. You can visit its official website and click on the Message icon available at the bottom-right corner of the screen to mention the queries. Your query gets resolved in a day or two.

Customer Support - Viper IPTV


Viper IPTV is an amazing IPTV service to enjoy a ton of live TV channels and on-demand content. It is so simple to use and easy to navigate. This IPTV is more reliable for watching live TV channels since it has anti-freeze technology. So Viper TV is one of the must-try IPTV service providers.

Alternatives of Viper IPTV

If you want to try other IPTV services for your streaming devices, you should check out.

IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends has one of the largest collections of TV channels. It has 19,000+ TV channels with a server uptime of 99%. You can also access TV channels from the US, the UK, and Canada. It offers EPG support for TV channels, and it also has customer support 24/7. You can get this IPTV on Android, Firestick, PC, and Smart TV.

Sneakers IPTV

Sneakers IPTV

Sneakers IPTV is one of the reliable IPTV services for streaming US TV channels. It offers plenty of on-demand content for streaming in HD quality. The channel lineup has 6000+ Live TV channels for streaming 24/7. It offers a free trial for 48 hours to check the TV service. Customer support is available for this IPTV service.

Apollo IPTV

Apollo TV

Apollo IPTV provides 12,000+ Live TV channels, including many international TV channels for streaming. You can watch 5000+ On-demand movies, series, and TV shows with this IPTV. It can stream on 5 devices simultaneously. You can also stream the content on external IPTV players.