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Fluxus IPTV for Android, Firestick: Free M3U Playlist URL List

Fluxus IPTV is a free IPTV service that provides you with 4000+ live channels, including sports, news, and many more. It has a great collection of movies, TV shows, Video-on-demand, Pay Per View (PPV) channels, CCTV streaming, and more. Fluxus IPTV said that it is completely safe to use. Like other IPTVs, you don’t need to pay or sign up to watch Fluxus IPTV. Just visit the Fluxus official site, copy the link of your playlist and paste in the respective streaming app. Now, you are good to watch all your favorite contents available on Fluxus IPTV.

Fluxus IPTV is available for almost all the devices, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV/Stick, Chrome browser, and Kodi. Let’s see how to set up and use Fluxus IPTV.

Should I use a VPN?

Use a VPN while using IPTV to avoid tracking of your device IP address, and invisible surfing. Nord VPN is one of the popular VPNs in the market, which provides fast and secure browsing. Start using the VPN and avoid being monitored online.

Fluxus IPTV M3U Playlists

Fluxus IPTV has no subscription or signup process as it is completely free for all its users. In order to access Fluxus IPTV, use the following playlists listed.

Fluxus IPTV (URL: https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-IPTV)

Fluxus IPTV is an M3U playlist for TV service with 5000+ worldwide IPTV channels. You can stream in here 24/7 and watch content from all around the world.

Fluxus Faith (URL: https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-Faith)

If you are completely into spirituality, then Fluxus faith is the best choice for you. It provides you with a number of spiritual and god faith-related shows and content over 100+ channels from almost all religions around the world.

Fluxus CCTV (URL: https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-CCTV)

Fluxus CCTV is an exclusively strange service launched by Fluxus which broadcast CCTV footage. You can watch those content if you found CCTV footages are interesting for you. It has over 100+ live CCTV footage broadcast in their playlist.

Fluxus Radio (URL: https://bit.ly/FluxusTV-Radio)

Fluxus Radio is radio service playlist which streams over 500+ live radio station round the clock worldwide. If you are into music, talk shows, and podcasts, then you can go with Fluxus radio.

Fluxus Cinema

Fluxus Cinema playlist contains over 1000+ of your favorite movies and TV shows that can be streamed online anywhere and anytime using the M3U playlist. It is divided into 8 categories based on languages.

  • English (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-eng)
  • German (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-ger)
  • French (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-fre)
  • Italian (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-ita)
  • Spanish (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-spa)
  • Portuguese (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-por)
  • Japanese (URL: Arabic (URL: https://bit.ly/fcine-ara)

Also, it has some additional playlists like Lodge TV, Stratus Television, Fluxus en espaƱol, etc. You can select any of the M3U playlists and stream them. These are the available playlists on Fluxus IPTV. You just need to copy the respective URL

Watch Fluxus IPTV on Android using GES Smart IPTV

GSE smart IPTV - Fluxus IPTV

[1] Download and install GSE Smart IPTV on your Android device.

[2] Launch the GSE Smart IPTV app and click on the menu icon from the top left corner.

[3] Select Remote playlist under the Remote section.

remote playlist - Fluxus IPTV

[4] Now, tap on the add icon (plus icon) at the top right corner of the remote playlist tab.

Add icon

[5] Select Add M3U URL from the popup that appears.

Add m3u URL

[6] Enter your playlist name (any name of your choice).

[7] Now, enter or paste the URL copied from the Fluxus M3U playlist.

[8] Click the Add button to add it to your remote playlist list.

[9] Now, click on the created playlist and start watching it.

How to Stream Fluxus IPTV on PC via Chrome Browser

Chrome IPTV player

[1] On the PC, launch the Chrome Browser and go to the Chrome Web Store.

[2] Search for the Chrome IPTV player extension.

[3] Click on Add to Chrome.

[4] Then, open the Chrome IPTV player extension.

[5] Click on the Settings icon from the top-right corner.

Settings - Fluxus IPTV

[6] Select the Add New List button to add a new playlist.

Add new list

[7] Enter the name for your playlist (any name can be provided).

Three dot icon - Fluxus IPTV

[8] Click on the three-dot icon and enter the M3U playlist URL.

Name the playlist - Fluxus IPTV

[9] Once the M3U playlist is added, click on the Radio button above the playlist name.

radio button - Fluxus IPTV

[10] Now, your playlist will be successfully added to Chrome IPTV player.

Playlist loaded

[11] Click on the Menu icon at the top left corner.

menu - Fluxus IPTV

[12] You can now see all the list of movies/TV shows or whatever content that is available on your playlist.

Select movie - Fluxus IPTV

[13] Choose your favorite movie from the playlist and select the Play icon to stream it.

How to Stream Fluxus IPTV on Amazon Fire TV/Stick

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

  • Click on Settings from your home screen.
  • Now, select My Fire TV in the Settings.
  • Select Developer options.
  • Then, choose Apps from unknown sources.
  • Turn On from the pop up to enable apps from unknown sources.
Apps from Unknown Sources

Install Downloader App

Open the Downloader App from your Apps list. (follow the steps below if the Downloader app is not available)

  • Click on the search icon from the Home screen.
  • Search for Downloader.
  • Select Get to install the Downloader app on your Fire TV.

Fluxus IPTV on Firestick

[1] Enter the URL: https://gsesmartiptv.com/dlgseiptv.php in the Downloader app.


[2] Click Go to download and install GES Smart IPTV on your Firestick.

[3] Once the App is installed, Open it from the Apps list.

[4] Select Remote Playlists from the left panel.

Remote playlist

[5] Now, click on the add icon (plus icon) and select Add M3U URL.

Add M3U URL - fluxus IPTV

[6] Enter your playlist name (any name, say it as Fluxus).

[7] Enter/paste the URL copied from the Fluxus M3U playlist.

[8] Click Ok to add it to your remote playlist.

[9] Now, click on the playlist named Fluxus to IPTV on Firestick.

You can now stream all movies and TV shows on Fluxus IPTV for free without any signup process. Make use of the comments section for any queries. For more IPTV related articles and reviews, explore iptvplayers.com.

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