Free IPTV M3U Playlist URLs to Watch Live TV [Updated List – June 2023]

M3U Playlists

Are you looking for free M3U URLs to watch IPTV content? Then, you are at the right place. The M3U file lets you stream live TV channels anytime you want on your devices. They are compatible with Android, iOS, Firestick, PC, MAG, Kodi, and Smart TV. So, we have offered you a complete list of free M3U Playlists based on various categories and a guide to stream the IPTV content using the M3U URLs.

What is the M3U Playlist URL?

M3U Playlists is a collection of IPTV channels in a .m3u file format. In other words, the audio or video file will have a .m3u extension. M3U represents MP3 URLs for streaming TV channels and on-demand videos. It will be provided by the IPTV service providers. You can use the playlist to stream your favorite channels on the device of your choice.

Besides the channels, the M3U playlist will also hold the connection information of every channel. This refers to the channel, channel ID, direct channel address on the server, etc. To stream the IPTV content using the M3U URL, you will only need some reliable IPTV players, like VLC Media Player, for your streaming device.

Complete List of Free M3U Playlist URLs to Watch Live TV Channels

In the following section, we have included the free and working M3U playlist URLs to watch live TV channels from various countries. You can utilize the M3U playlist URL to watch live TV channels and on-demand content from countries such as:

  • United States –
  • United Kingdom –
  • Germany –
  • Canada –
  • Vietnam –
  • Belgium –
  • Saudi Arabia –
  • Spain –
  • Bangladesh –
  • Algeria –
  • France –
  • Italy –
  • Iran –
  • Kuwait –
  • Australia –
  • Netherlands –
  • Ireland –
  • Jordan –
  • United Arab Emirates –
  • Turkey –
  • Qatar –
  • South Africa –
  • South Korea –
  • Portugal –
  • Philippines –
  • Greece –
  • Morocco –
  • Montenegro –
  • Russia –
  • Mongolia –
  • Egypt –
  • Sweden –
  • Malaysia –
  • Tunisia –
  • Pakistan –
  • Albania –
  • Brazil –
  • Peru –
  • Romania –
  • India –

In case you want to filter the live TV channels through languages, the following section will help you through it.

  • English Channels:
  • Spanish Channels:
  • French Channels:
  • Arabic Channels:

You can use these links to download the M3U playlists. Then, you can add the M3U Playlist URL on an IPTV player to stream your favorites absolutely free of cost. Some of the IPTV M3U Playlists for Live TV channels, Movies, and Series.


Why You Need to Connect to VPN to Watch the IPTV Content

Streaming IPTV content is illegal in many countries. With that, you may face legal issues when streaming IPTV. So, we suggest you connect your streaming device to VPN to stream the IPTV content without any issues. The best VPNs, like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, offer servers around the world. Connecting the VPN to your streaming device will help you to hide your IP address and geolocation. Thus no one can track your online activity, and you will be safe from legal issues while streaming IPTV content.

How to Watch IPTV on Android & iOS Devices using the M3U Playlist URL

XCIPTV Player is one of the best IPTV players for Android & iOS devices. With it, you can easily add the M3U playlist URL and watch the IPTV content for free. It also supports an external media player, which allows you to play the IPTV content using any of the video players installed on your device as well. So, you can add the M3U playlist URL on the XCIPTV Player app to stream IPTV content on your Android or iOS phones.

1. Install the XCIPTV Player app from the App Store. On Android smartphones, install the IPTV player from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the app after installation.

3. Select the Enter M3U URL option within the app and enter the M3U Playlist URL of any IPTV service.

Enter M3U Playlist URL

4. Then click the Sign In option and start streaming your favorite content or channel within the entered playlist.

How to Watch IPTV on Smart TV and PC Using M3U Playlist URL

VLC Media Player is one of the popular media player apps to watch the IPTV content on your Smart TVs, Windows & Mac PC by adding the M3U URL.

1. First, you need to install the VLC Media Player app on your Smart TV or Windows or Mac PC. To do the dame, you can refer below:

  • For Smart TV: Go to the respective App Store based on your Smart TV brand. Then, search and install the VLC Media Player app.
  • For Windows & Mac PC: Download the .exe file for your Windows PC or the .dmg file for your Mac PC from the VLC Media Player official website. After downloading the installer file, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the VLC Media Player on your Windows or Mac PC.

2. Add the M3U Playlist URL on VLC Media Player using Smart TV to watch the IPTV content.

  • Launch the VLC Media Player app on Smart TV. Also, make sure you have connected your Smart TV to a stable internet connection.
  • Select the Allow button in the prompt.
Select Allow
  • From the left pane, select the Browsing tab.
  • Click the Stream tile.
Select Stream - Add M3U Playlist

3. You can follow the steps below to add the M3U Playlist URL on VLC Media Player using Windows or Mac PC.

  • Open the VLC Media Player on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Click the Media tab from the upper right corner and choose the Open Network Stream option.
Open Network Stream
  • In the Open Media pop-up, click the Network tab.
  • Enter the M3U playlist URL in the URL field and click on the Play button.
M3U Playlists
  • After the process, it will take some time for the playlist links to get processed.

Note: For the M3U Playlist to get processed, to need to connect your streaming device to a stable internet connection.

Once the M3U Playlist link is processed, you can start streaming the live TV channels and on-demand content.

Other Best IPTV Players to Watch IPTV Content using M3U Playlists URL

As an alternative option, we would like to recommend you some best IPTV players for you to add the M3U Playlist links to watch the IPTV content seamlessly.



IBOXX IPTV is one of the premium and dependable IPTV players. It can stream M3U and M3U8 playlists. Moreover, it is available in legit app stores of top streaming devices. Some of the best features offered by the IBOXX IPTV are:

  • You can have a user-friendly interface.
  • Offers parental control to restrict children from watching irrelevant content.
  • You can enjoy watching IPTV content on external media players also.
  • With its catchup feature, you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite live telecasts.

Supported Devices: Android phone, Smart TVs, Firestick, LG & Samsung Smart TVs, Windows & Mac PC.

2. Obey Stream TV

Obey Stream TV

Obey Stream TV is another best IPTV player that especially supports the M3U Playlist URLs and Xtream Codes API. This IPTV player is completely free to use. Also, the following features will definitely tempt you to install Obey Stream TV player on your device:

  • Allows adding impressive channels and content to the favorites list.
  • Automatically separates live TV and VOD.
  • Occupies very less space on your streaming device.
  • Allows filtering of the required channels and arranges them based on categories.

Supported Devices: Android phone, Smart TVs, Firestick, Windows & Mac PC.

3. Eva IpTv

Eva IpTv

Eva IpTv is a feature-filled IPTV player. It is very safe to use and is obtainable from the native application stores of streaming devices like Android. The IPTV player and allows you to access your M3U playlist without requiring a payment or signup. The following are the astonishing features offered by the player:

  • Allows you to access 4 screens at a single time.
  • This player has the ability to support external media players.
  • It can support videos in all streaming qualities.
  • The player has a neat interface and rapid functioning capacity.

Now, streaming the IPTV content through M3U URL is made easy for IPTV Players. Some IPTV Providers offer M3U URLs for their content through subscription. You can visit their website to purchase the M3U URLS.


What should I do If the M3U Playlist is not working?

Sometimes an overload in the server can be the reason why it takes a lot of time for the IPTV content to load. In that scenario, you don’t have to worry, as the issue should get solved within a few minutes. If there are some other issues or your IPTV is not working properly, you can perform troubleshooting tips to resolve the condition.