NeomixTV IPTV Review: How to Stream on Android, Firestick, PC


NeomixTV IPTV is a popular IPTV service provider for streaming live TV channels all over the world. It is a subscription-based IPTV provider. You need to buy a subscription to NeomixTV IPTV to get access to 10000+ live channels. It has more than 50000 VODs of movies, series, TV shows, and other content. Also, you can enjoy the IPTV services for $20/ month and all the channels included. You can stream TV channels without freezing and buffering. The IPTV can be streamed on Firestick, PC, Samsung, LG Smart TV, and Android devices.

Why Choose NeomixTV IPTV?

  • NeomixTV IPTV offers 50,000+ On-demand movies, series, and TV shows.
  • It has 10,000+ Live TV channels with EPG support.
  • The TV catch-up enables us to stream the missed live streaming.
  • The TV channels are available in SD, HD, and UHD streaming.
  • It offers 24/7 customer support.


  • One month: $20
  • Three months: $43
  • Six months: $65
  • Twelve months: $99

How to Signup for NeomixTV IPTV

1. Visit the official website of NeomixTV IPTV on your smartphone or PC.

2. Scroll down from the home page and select a subscription plan.

3. Click on Buy it Now.

4. Enter your contact details and payment details.

5. Select Commander to initiate a transaction.

6. You will receive your login credentials through the mail.

Why Need VPN for Streaming IPTV Services

Connecting to an encrypted VPN server is the best choice for you to protect your privacy. With your internet connection encrypted, no one will notice your internet activity while you’re on the internet. Also, you can connect to any available servers of your choice based on the VPN you use. So, connect to the best available VPN like ExpressVPN and NordVPN while streaming IPTV services.

How to Watch NeomixTV IPTV on Android Devices

1. Switch on the Android devices and open the Google Play Store.

2. Search for OTT Player in the Play Store and choose the OTT Player app.

3. Then, tap on the Install button to download the app from the Play Store.

4. Now, open the OTT Player on the Android device and click Sign In.

5. Enter the Username and Password of the IPTV account.

6. Provide the M3U URL of NeomixTV IPTV and choose the content in the Playlist.

6. Now, stream your favorite channels.

How to Stream NeomixTV IPTV on Firestick

1. Setup your Firestick device and connect to an internet connection.

2. Press the Home button on your Firestick remote to go to the home screen.

3. Select the Find tab and choose the Search option.

4. Search for the Downloader and choose the same application from the search result.

5. Select the Get button to install the Downloader app on Firestick.

6. Then, go to the Settings on the home screen and select My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps.

7. Toggle on the Downloader from the Install Unknown Apps section.

7. Then, open the Downloader app on the Firestick and enter the IPTV Smarters Pro Apk file URL.

8. Select Go to download and install the IPTV Smarters Pro Player.

9. Then, open the IPTV Smarters Pro on the Firestick.

10. Enter the M3U URL of NeomixTV IPTV and choose the content to stream on Firestick.

How to Stream NeomixTV IPTV on Smart TV

You can watch NeomixTV on your Smart TV using any IPTV Player app. Smart IPTV is the perfect IPTV Player to stream the content on LG, Sony, Samsung, and other smart TV using M3U URLs. You can download the Smart IPTV on LG and Samsung Smart TV for free.

1. Turn on the Smart TV and go to the App Store.

2. Install the Smart IPTV on your LG or Samsung Smart TV from their respective App Stores.

3. Note down the MAC address of your LG or Samsung Smart TV.

4. Then, visit the Smart IPTV Official Website on any browser.

5. Click on the My List tab from the home screen.

6. Enter the MAC address of the device and the M3U URL of NeomixTV IPTV.

7. Click on Send to activate the app and load the contents.

8. Now, open the Smart IPTV on your LG or Samsung Smart TV to watch the IPTV contents.

How to Watch NeomixTV IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

1. Launch your PC and open the Microsoft Store on your PC.

2. Enter MyIPTV Player in the search and choose the app from the suggestions.

3. Select the Get button to install the MyIPTV Player.

4. Then, open the MyIPTV Player.

5. Provide the M3U URL of NeomixTV IPTV and watch the IPTV channels.

How to Stream NeomixTV IPTV on MAG Devices

1. Turn on your MAG device and connect to an internet connection.

2. Select Settings from the home screen.

3. Then, click System Settings > Servers.

4. Now, scroll down and choose Portals.

5. In the Portal 1 name, type NeomixTV IPTV.

6. In the Portal 1 URL, enter the M3U URL of your IPTV Provider.

7. Select the Exit button twice to go back to the main menu.

8. Then, choose the IPTV channels.

9. It will take some time to load the IPTV channels.

10. Then, you can select any channel to watch it.

How to Watch NeomixTV IPTV on FORMULER

1. Turn on your Formuler device and connect to an internet connection.

2. Select MYTV Online from the home screen.

3. Select Edit > Edit Services.

4. In the Service Nickname, enter NeomixTV IPTV.

5. In the Service URL, enter the M3U URL of your IPTV Provider and select OK.

6. Now, your Formuler device will connect to your IPTV Provider’s server.

7. Then, you can stream your favorite channels.

Customer Support

You will have 24/7 customer support from NeomixTV IPTV to respond to your queries. Whenever your IPTV is not streaming properly, or you are facing some other issues with IPTV, you can report to the IPTV service provider. You can also contact the customer support team through the mail.


NeomixTV IPTV is an amazing IPTV service provider for watching live TV channels with a TV guide. The subscription to NeomixTV IPTV is slightly high, but it is worth purchasing the subscription because you will have all the IPTV channels worldwide. With other IPTV providers lined up, which are expensive, you can choose the NeomixTV IPTV to get the best of its service. There would be no chance to miss the entertainment with the 24/7 customer service.

Alternative to NeomixTV IPTV

You can choose the alternative IPTV services for your streaming devices.

Eternal IPTV

Eternal IPTV

Eternal TV IPTV provides 6500+ TV channels in entertainment, news, and sports genres. You can also stream 14,000+ movies and 5000+ TV shows on-demand. It offers TV channels in HD and FHD streaming quality. This IPTV has stable servers for providing buffer-free streaming of TV channels.

Game Master IPTV

Game Master IPTV

Game Master IPTV is the best IPTV provider to watch TV channels in the US, the UK, and Canada. There are 3000+ Live TV channels available in this IPTV. It also has abundant on-demand content in the library, and the content are categorized for hassle-free streaming. You can also add your favorite TV channels to Favorites for quick access.



GT IPTV is accessible on Android, Firestick, PC, and Smart TV. You can stream 1000+ TV channels on this IPTV. It has TV channels from the US, the UK, and Canada. You can stream TV channels in HD and UHD streaming quality. It is completely free to install and stream on your streaming devices.