IPTV Shop Review: Stream 3500 Channels on Android, Firestick, Smart TV


IPTV is the emerging entertainment streaming service that allows you to stream media online anytime and anywhere around the world without any geo-restriction. Most importantly, IPTV’s are cost-effective than any other streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max. Check out this review post on IPTV Shop.

IPTV Shop is a popular IPTV service that offers over 3500+ Live TV channels and 5500+ on-demand videos. 90% of the available content is in Full HD format with a 99.99% server uptime for no buffering, fast, smooth, and speed streaming. There is no activation fee, hidden contract, or any string attached to its service.

How to Sign up for IPTV Shop

[1] Go to the IPTV Shop website on your PC or smartphone.

[2] Click on the IPTV service section and choose any of the IPTV panels (Gold/Classic/Platinum).

[3] Choose any of the plans and click on Add to Cart.


[4] You will be displayed with the plan description. Click on the Add to Cart button again.

Add to cart

[5] Now, click on View Cart on the top of the plan page.


[6] Click on Proceed to Checkout to get the payment page.

Proceed to checkout

[7] Enter coupon code, if any, and enter all the asked details like mac address, email ID, password, and more.


[8] Now agree to its terms & conditions and click on Proceed to PayPal to make the payment.

Proceed to paypal

[9] Complete your payment using the PayPal portal.


Use VPN when Streaming IPTV

Have an active VPN connection before IPTV services. Because most of the content available on IPTV’s is copyright infringement. So, using a VPN will hide your track online by providing various IP addresses. VPN service like ExpressVPN and NordVPN offers excellent protection for IPTV streaming.

How to Install IPTV Shop on Android Devices

[1] Download and install the StbEmu app from the Play Store.

[2] Tap on the Kebab icon from the top right corner.


[3] Choose Settings from the menu and select Profile.


[4] Click on Add Profile or edit the existing profile available.

Add Profile

[5] Now, select Portal Settings and choose Portal URL.

Portal Settings

[6] Enter the following URL: http://88.officialiptvshop.com in it.


[7] Get back to Portal Settings and choose STB Configuration.


[8] Here, provide your device’s mac address and save the changes.

[9] Then, click on Reload Portal from the home screen.

[10] Now, all the video contents from the IPTV Shop will be available on your smartphone or tablet.

How to Watch IPTV Shop on Firestick

[1] Go to the Find icon from the menu.


[2] Click on Search tile and type or say Downloader using Alexa voice remote.

[3] Click on Download to install the Downloader app on your Fire TV Stick.

[4] After installation, get back to Settings to enable unknown sources for Downloader using the command Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps >> Downloader >> Turn on.


[5] Run the Downloader app and enter the IPTV Shop download URL and click the Go button,

[6] After downloading, install the apk file on your Firestick.

[7] Launch the IPTV Shop app and link your mac address.

[8] When the Mac address is successfully registered, you can start stream all the 3500+ live TV channels on your Firestick.

How to Stream IPTV Shop on Kodi

[1] Open the Kodi app on your device.

[2] Choose the TV section from the left panel.

[3] Click on Enter Add-on Browser on the screen.

[4] Choose Stalker Client from the Add-on/PVR Clients section.

Stalker client

[5] Click on Install to install Stalker Client Add-on.


[6] After installation, click on Configure and choose any of the available portals.


[7] Enter the mac address of your device, followed by the server address.


[8] Click on OK to save changes and get back to the home screen.

[9] Now, you can watch all the video contents from the IPTV Shop on your Kodi app.

How to Setup IPTV Shop on MAG Device

[1] Go to Settings and choose Server Settings on your MAG device.

[2] Add a new portal or edit the existing portal in the Server Settings.

[3] Enter the portal URL provided for your server in the given field.

[4] Click on Save to save the added settings and restart your MAG device.

[5] After the restart, all the live TV channels on on-demand content from the IPTV Shop will be available on your MAG device.

How to Stream IPTV Shop on Smart TV

[1] Download and install the Smart STB app on your Smart TV.

[2] After installation, launch the app on your smart TV.

[3] From the home screen, click on System Settings and select Advanced Settings.


[4] Set virtual Mac address and the generated Mac address.

Note: Go to Embedded portal >> Device Info >> Your Virtual Mac Address for virtual Mac address.

[5] Register the mac address on https://smart-stb.net.

[6] After registration, launch the Smart STB app and press the Centre button on your remote.

[7] Choose System settings and choose Portals from the menu.

[8] Set all the values for your portal (if you know or just leave it as default).

[9] Also, enter the portal name, followed by the portal URL.

[10] Then, Press F2 or Green button on your remote to save the changes.

[11] Once done, get back to System settings and choose Reboot.


[12] Once the application is rebooted, you can start streaming IPTV videos on your device.


IPTV Shop Set-top Box

IPTV Shop Set-top box

If you feel installing apps to stream videos is a long process, you can opt for the IPTV Shop set-top box. They offer four types of set-top boxes with a built-in IPTV Shop app. The set-top boxes available are A95X Pro, Nvidia Shield TV, H96 IPTV Box, and X96 Mini Box. The set-top prices are starting from $49.99 to $300.00. All the set-top box comes with internal storage and some pre-installed streaming apps. All four set-top boxes are Android-based devices.

Customer Support


IPTV Shop provides excellent customer care support via mail which is available on the bottom left corner of the screen. Here you need to enter the name, email, message (about any issues or error), and captcha. Click on Send to submit your request. They also have an FAQs section where you can find solutions for common issues. You can get the services on Telegram (220)-710-7437 and Support email support@officialiptvshop.com.


IPTV Shop offers quality channels and on-demand content. With this IPTV Shop review guide, you can install and access all the 5500+ on-demand videos and 3500+ live TV channels. Apart from the app installation, you can also get the IPTV set-top box for easy streaming. Share your thoughts about the IPTV Shop in the comments below.