IPTV Core on Firestick, Android, PC: How to Install and Use


IPTVs are the most preferred way of streaming live TV and on-demand content. Users nowadays are switching to IPTV instead of streaming platforms and live TV services. In IPTV, you will get both live TV and on-demand content at a low subscription price. Some IPTV providers may not have a built-in media player. In such cases, you have to use third-party IPTV media players like IPTV Core to stream the video content.

IPTV Core is an M3U-based IPTV streaming application that allows you to stream IPTV content on your Android and Android-based devices. It is simple to access just by installing the app directly from the Google Play Store. But in order to stream content, you need an active IPTV subscription from any of the IPTV providers. Here is the list of the best IPTV providers whom you can check out if needed. As the IPTV Core is available for free, there is no need to sign up and register.

Get a VPN when using IPTV

When streaming IPTV providers or using IPTV media players, you have to use VPNs. With VPN, you can hide your personal data like IP address and geolocation. Most IPTV providers will monitor the user log and search history. To stay away from these trackers, you need to use VPNs. Get a subscription from premium VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

How to Install IPTV Core on Android Devices

[1] Search and install IPTV Core launcher from the Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet.

[2] After installation, launch the IPTV app.

[3] Enter the M3U Playlist URL in the respective field.

[4] Click on the Start button.


[5] After a while, all the channels from your IPTV provider will appear.


[6] Choose the channel that you want to stream and watch it on your smartphone or tablet/

How to Watch IPTV Core on Firestick

[1] Click on the Find section from the home screen and click on the Search tile.


[2] Search and install the Downloader from the Amazon App Store.


[3] After installation, get back to the home screen and click on the Settings icon.


[4] Go to My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps >> Downloader >> Turn on.

Turn on

[5] Now, launch the Downloader app from the Your Apps section.

[6] Enter the IPTV Core apk download URL (https://bit.ly/3ejrcHA) in the search bar.

Downloader - Go

[7] Click on Go to download and install the IPTV app.

[8] After installation, click on Open.

[9] Enter the M3U Playlist URL and click on Start to start streaming the IPTV content.

 IPTV Core

How to Stream IPTV Core on PC

[1] Get the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.

[2] Open BlueStacks and run the Google Play Store.

Play Store

[3] Install the IPTV Core from the Play Store.

[4] Click on Open to launch the IPTV app and enter the M3U URL.

[5] Click on Start to start streaming the IPTV content.

Customer Support

IPTV Core has only one way of customer support, email support. You can email your queries to the mail ID, iptvap@gmail.com. You will get a reply from the executives within two to three days. Other than the mail support, there is no other way to contact customer support.


This is how you can install and access IPTV Core on your smart device. The IPTV does not offer any IPTV content to stream within the application/ Without an M3U URL, you can’t use the IPTV app. So check out some of the IPTV M3U Playlists available to stream IPTV content. Try some of the other IPTV media players like GSE SMART IPTV and Royal IPTV.