7 Best IPTV Player for Linux to Watch IPTV Videos

Streaming your favorite content is not just limited to Windows or Mac PC. Linux and Ubuntu users can also access them provided if you have the best IPTV player. Thus, you can stream video-on-demand, live TV, movies, shows, etc. You will find many IPTVs to feature a built-in IPTV player. Unfortunately, if that isn’t the case, you need to rely on any external IPTV players. There are lots of IPTV players that exist, and not all of them will be Linux compatible. Hence we decided to guide you on the best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu.

Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu

Below given are the IPTV players that would go well on the Linux or Ubuntu PC.

  1. Kodi
  2. VLC
  3. Perfect Player
  4. FreeTUXTV
  5. iptvx
  6. Miro
  7. Ubuntu TV



Kodi is not just a media center as it functions as a media player. It is a multi-platform software and can be used as the best IPTV Player for Linux or Ubuntu. Kodi is free, open-source, and doesn’t host any content. However, you can stream lots of IPTV videos as addons and thus use it as the IPTV player. With this, you can stream live TV, channels, shows, series, recorded streams, etc.

Website: Kodi.



The best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu wouldn’t complete without VLC. It is an open-source media player widely used by entertainment fans across the world. VLC incorporates lots of useful features, and M3U URL support is noticeable. Besides, it also supports stream videos in other formats. With VLC, you will not miss any favorite channels, live TV, VOD, etc.

Website: VLC.

Perfect Player

Best IPTV Player for Linux

The best IPTV Player for Linux includes Perfect Player. It is a set-top box style IPTV player with lots of features. It supports watching IPTV with channel groups and EPGs. In addition to playing IPTV, it supports playing local video files as well. Perfect Player supports EPG formats in JTV and XMLTV. Perfect Player supports extended EPG info viewing.

Website: Perfect Player.


Best IPTV Player for Linux

Linux users can get FreetuxTV to stream IPTV content. It is the best IPTV Player for Linux and is based on GTK+ and LibVLC. FreetuxTV records select channels and uses VLC as the backend. You can use it to access movies, TV shows, movies, etc. With this, you can watch and record free WebTV, WebRadio, etc., on PC. It supports adding new groups of channels from the M3U playlists. With this IPTV Player, you can import, watch, and record TV channels.

Website: FreetuxTV.



You shall start streaming the entire content under one roof with IPTVX. It is the best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu to watch movies, TV shows, live channels, etc. There are multiple features available on the IPTVX player. It includes parental control, TV guide, hidden channels, special content, downloads or offline, etc. You can also record shows to watch offline.

Website: IPTVX.


Best IPTV Player for Linux

The next best IPTV Player for Ubuntu & Linux is the Miro. It is an open-source media player to download and stream any videos. Miro brings channels from a wide range of sources, and you will find content up to HD quality. Besides streaming online, it lets you download streams for offline access. You can watch content in any video file format without any issues.

Website: Miro.


Best IPTV Player for Linux

You can let enjoy streaming your favorite IPTV shows with UbuntuTV. It is a user-friendly IPTV to watch content for free. UbuntuTV is the best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu with a simple design structure and impressive features. It supports the sync feature, and you can watch shows or movies from where you left. With this tool, you can search, watch, record, and play live channels.

Website: UbuntuTV.


These were the list of best IPTV Players for Linux & Ubuntu. You can install them to stream the latest of movies to shows and live TV. The media players are listed in no particular order, and you can choose the one that works great for you. We recommend you install them from official or trusted sources. You can also check our list of best IPTV players for Mac PCs.

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