Vavaview IPTV Review: Guide to Stream on Android, Apple TV, Firestick & PC

Vavaview IPTV

Vavaview IPTV is a popular IPTV provider that offers 19,000+ live channels. It allows streaming of both local and international channels. Apart from that, it also provides 65,000+ VOD and 9000 TV series. With Vavaview IPTV, you’ll receive automatic channel updates. You can also watch PPV events like Boxing, MMA, UFC, and Wrestling on this IPTV service. Its channels are streamed in HD, UHD, and 4K resolution. Vavaview IPTV also assures 99% server uptime.

Why Choose Vavaview IPTV

  • The IPTV service provides plenty of sports, news, and kid shows.
  • It allows streaming with both M3U URLs and Xtreme Codes.
  • It offers PPV & Electronic Program Guide.
  • The service’s TV series collection includes more than 3,00,000 episodes.
  • You get a 24-hour free trial with its subscription.
  • The IPTV service follows a 24-hour refund policy.
  • It provides 24/7 live support and email support.

Subscription Plans

Vavaview IPTV offers the following subscription plans based on duration and no.of.connections. They are:

Subscription PlanOne DeviceTwo DevicesThree DevicesFour DevicesFive Devices
One month£12£20£30£40£50
Three months£30£50£80£100£120
Six months£54£110£150£190£240

Why Do You Need VPN to Use IPTV

While using any IPTV, it is natural to be alarmed about its legality. But it is hard to state whether an IPTV is legal or not. This is where the need for VPN becomes crucial. A VPN masks your IP address and secures you from any legal concerns. When we did research about the top-performing VPNs in the market, we found ExpressVPN and NordVPN to be highly effective.

How to Subscribe to Vavaview IPTV

You can sign up for Vavaview IPTV by purchasing any subscription plan of the service.

1. Visit the Vavaview IPTV official website using your preferred web browser on your device.

2. Tap on the Pricing button found on the website’s home screen.

3. Choose your preferred subscription plan in the Subscription Plans section and click Buy Now.

plans of Vavaview IPTV

4. Fill in your payment details in the respective field to proceed with the subscription purchase.

Vavaview IPTV payment

5. Then, click Subscribe to complete the payment process.

6. Once the payment process completes, check your email for your username, password, and M3U file sent by the IPTV service.

How to Stream Vavaview IPTV on Android

You can access plenty of IPTV players on your Android with Vavaview IPTV by following this method:

1. Open your Google Play Store app on your Android.

2. Search for TiviMate IPTV Player and then click the Install option to download the app from the Play Store.

3. Open the TiviMate IPTV Player app on your Android once installed.

4. Select Enter URL option from the list.

Enter M3U URL of Vavaview IPTV

5. Enter the M3U URL of Vavaview IPTV in the respective field and click Next.

Now, you can enjoy thousands of live channels on your Android.

How to Get Vavaview IPTV on iOS

1. Open your App Store and enter GSE SMART IPTV in the Search bar.

2. Choose the app from the displayed search result.

3. Click on the Get button to download the app from the App Store.

4. Tap on Open once the app is installed on your iOS.

5. Click on the hamburger icon found in the top left corner of the app.

GSE Smart IPTV app on iOS

6. Select Remote Playlists from the list of options.

Stream Vavaview IPTV

7. Tap on the Plus icon on the top right corner of the screen and click Add M3U URL.

8. Enter the M3U URL of the Vavaview IPTV in the respective field.

You can now access your favorite content offered by the IPTV service.

How to Get Vavaview IPTV on Mac and Windows

You can get your desired IPTV player on Mac and Windows using BlueStacks and access the same using your Vavaview IPTV URL.

1. Go to your preferred web browser on your Mac or Windows.

2. Type in BlueStacks and download it from a reliable source on your device.

Open Bluestacks

3. Open the app once downloaded and enter XCIPTV in the search bar at the top right corner.

4. Click on the XCIPTV Player app from the suggested list and install it.

5. Open the app and sign in to your account using the M3U URL, username, and password of Vavaview IPTV.

XCIPTV login

You can now access the live channels provided by the IPTV service.

How to Stream Vavaview IPTV on Firestick

Vavaview IPTV can be sideloaded on your Firestick with the Downloader app.

1. Go to your Firestick home screen and tap on the Find option on the menu bar.

click Find on Firestick

2. Select the Search icon and type in Downloader in the search bar.

Search Downloader on Firestick

3. Choose the Downloader app from the suggestions list.

4. Click on Download to install the app.

Download Downloader on Firestick

5. Now, head back to your Firestick home screen and tap on the Settings icon.

6. Choose My Fire TV tile and select Developer Options.

choose Developer Options on Firestick

7. Tap on the Install unknown apps option and turn on the Downloader app.

8. Click on Allow and enter the URL of GSE SMART IPTV APK in the URL field.

Enter a URL on Downloader

9. Tap on Go and press Install to install the GSE SMART IPTV player on your Firestick.

10. Click on Open once the installation is complete.

11. Tap on the hamburger icon and choose Remote Playlists from the list of options.

12. Click on the Plus icon and choose Add M3U URL.

13. Paste the M3U URL of Vavaview IPTV in the respective field to start streaming.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite IPTV content on your Firestick.

How to Get Vavaview IPTV on Apple TV

1. Ensure your Apple TV is connected to the internet.

2. Go to the App Store found on your home screen.

App Store on Apple TV

3. Tap on the Search icon and look for the Flix IPTV app using the virtual keyboard.

4. Hit the Get button on the app’s info page to install the app on your Apple TV.

5. Launch the Flix IPTV app on your device and note down the MAC address.

6. Visit Flix IPTV’s official site and tap on the My List tab from the home screen.

7. Then, fill up the MAC address field and enter the M3U URL of Vavaview IPTV in the Url field. Then, press Send.

8. Restart the Flix IPTV app once the activation is complete and stream the IPTV content on your device.

How to Get Vavaview IPTV on LG and Samsung Smart TV

1. Check whether your LG or Samsung Smart TV is connected to the internet.

2. Launch the Content Store on LG or Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV.

3. Search for the IPTV Smarters Pro app on the Search bar and download it on your device.

4. Select the Load Your Playlist Or File/URL option.

IPTV Smarters Pro login

5. Paste the M3U URL of Vavaview IPTV and click ADD USER.

You can now stream many live channels or VOD on your LG or Samsung Smart TV.

How to Get Vavaview IPTV on MAG

You can stream Vavaview IPTV on your MAG device by following a few simple steps:

1. Make sure your MAG device is connected to the Internet via a suitable network.

2. Head to the MAG Settings and tap on System settings.

click System settings on MAG

3. Select the Servers menu and then choose the Portals option.

Choose Portals on MAG

4. Enter the playlist name and M3U URL of Vavaview IPTV in the Portal 1 name and Portal 1 URL fields.

Enter Portal 1 URL on MAG

5. Now, tap on the Save option and restart your MAG device.

You can now stream any IPTV player offered by Vavaview IPTV player on your MAG device.

How to Stream Vavaview IPTV on Kodi

1. Launch the Kodi app on your device and tap on TV from the left pane.

2. Click on Enter add-on browser and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on from the suggested list.

click TV on Kodi

3. Tap on the Install button to install the add-on on Kodi.

4. Click Configure once the add-on is installed and choose the General option from the side panel.

Configure option on Kodi

5. Choose the Location option and then select Remote path (Internet address).

choose Location on Kodi

6. Enter the M3U URL of the Vavaview IPTV in the M3U Play List URL field and press OK.

7. Click the Enable button to load the IPTV content.

8. Now, head back to the Kodi home screen.

9. Choose Channels from the list of Categories and select Vavaview IPTV to stream its popular IPTV channels on Kodi.

Channels category on Kodi

How to Get Vavaview IPTV on Enigma 2

1. Go to the Settings option on Enigma 2.

2. Select Setup System Network Devices Setup AdapterSettings and make a note of the displayed IP address.

3. Visit PuTTY’s official website and download the software on your PC.

4. Open the PuTTY software on your PC once installed.

5. Provide the IP address of the Enigma 2 device in the Host Name (or IP address) field.

6. Choose Telnet under Connection type and click the Open button.

PuTTY software Enigma 2

7. Select Root as the Default Login and provide the Vavaview IPTV provider’s M3U URL.

8. Tap on Reboot and wait till the device is rebooted completely.

You can now access the IPTV provider’s plenty of channels on your Enigma 2 device.

Customer Support

Vavaview IPTV provides 24/7 Live Chat and Email support. You can contact them through any of these methods to seek help at the right time. As the provider offers a 24-hour refund policy, you can claim a refund by contacting them within 24 hours of your subscription purchase.

Vavaview IPTV Not Working: Possible Fixes

If your Vavaview IPTV faces any loading or functioning issues, you can consider the following simple fixes:

  • Make sure you have a solid internet connection.
  • Disconnect your device from VPN or any other third-party software and try connecting again.
  • Consider restarting your device and then checking if it works.
  • Check the status of the IPTV provider’s server.

Alternatives for Vavaview IPTV

If you feel that the IPTV provider does not suit your requirement, you can switch to other noteworthy options:

IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends is one of the best IPTV providers that lets you watch 20,000+ live TV channels. The IPTV service offers PPV and works with various IPTV players, including TiviMate and IPTV Smarters Pro. Apart from this, it provides 60,000+ VODs on multiple screens. Its channels are available in HD and 4K resolution.

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is a popular IPTV provider that offers 16,000+ channels at $14.99 per month. The IPTV provider has a decent collection of international channels. Its multi-screen feature lets you engage in multiple programs at once. The IPTV service is compatible with Android TV, Enigma 2, MAG, and so on.


A1 IPTV is a high-quality IPTV service that offers 15,000+ VODs. The service is compatible with multiple devices. With A1 IPTV, you can enjoy your favorite IPTV content in SD, HD, FHD, and 4K picture quality. The service lets you access a wide range of international TV channels.


With Vavaview IPTV, you can watch plenty of on-demand movies, shows, and live TV channels. As the service is compatible with many popular players, you can also enjoy the quality content offered by the service. The installation process is simple and takes just a few minutes. The IPTV provider allows you to have up to five connections at a reasonable price. Considering all these aspects, we can say that Vavaview IPTV is a worthy choice.