King IPTV Review: How to Install on Android, iOS, and Firestick

IPTV is the new way of watching television live/pre-recorded online. With a subscription to these IPTV services, you can have access to over 17000+ live TV channels and 19000+ VOD content like Movies, TV Shows, Series, etc., all in one place. It is a budget-friendly solution to stream media anytime and anywhere around the world. With this review, get to know about the King IPTV.

With the King IPTV service, you can stream the available content in both Full HD and SD quality. You can stream the King IPTV on different devices like Android, iOS, Kodi, Firestick, etc. They provide excellent customer support via mail and WhatsApp to avail it customer care service, read the article to know more.

How to Sign Up for King IPTV

[1] From your PC, go to the King IPTV official website.

[2] Scroll down till you find the plan section.

[3] Choose any of the available plans by clicking on the tile.


  • 3 Months – €45
  • 6 Months – €80
  • 12 Months – €140
  • 24 Months – €230

[4] On your plan page, select the device you want to watch.


Note: You can also get a VPN subscription as an add-on along with the plan.



  • 3 months – €20
  • 6 months – €30
  • 12 months – €40

[5] Once the device is selected, click on Add to Cart.


[6] After adding to the cart, click on View Cart (highlighted in green) above the plan or click on the Cart icon.

view cart

[7] Click on Proceed to Checkout button to get the next screen.


[8] Enter the required details in the respective fields.

place order

[9] Make the payment via Bitcoin/Bitcoin cash (which is the easy mode of payment), or choose other payment options and contact them via WhatsApp (+21622370237) to complete the payment.

[10] Agree to all the terms and click on Place Order.

[11] After placing the order, you will receive the mail with your IPTV credentials.

Use VPN when streaming IPTV

Whenever you are accessing any kind of IPTV service, it is important to use a VPN on your device to avoid being tracked or monitored online. Using a VPN is important because some content that is available on IPTV is not copyrighted, and streaming those content may result in some trouble. So get a VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to avoid those troubles on your device.

How to Install King IPTV on Android Devices

[1] From the Play Store, download and install IPTV App by Alexander Sofronov.

[2] Launch the app and click on the Hamburger icon from the top.

[3] Choose More… option from the menu. (If you don’t see the option, click on the down arrow icon to expand the menu)


[4] Click on Add (+) icon from the top to add a new playlist.


[5] Choose Add URL from the menu.


[6] Enter the Playlist URL provided by the provider by the King IPTV.


[7] Click on OK to add the playlist and click on the playlist created to start streaming your favorite content.

How to Watch King IPTV on iOS Devices

[1] Download and install GSE Smart IPTV from the App Store.

[2] Launch the app and agree to all the terms, conditions, and permissions.

[3] Now click on the Hamburger icon on the top and choose Remote Playlists.


[4] Click on Add (+) icon at the bottom of the page.

[5] Choose Add M3U URL from the menu.

Add m3u URL

[6] Enter any name for the playlist and paste the M3U URL provided.

[7] Click on Add to add the playlist under the remote playlist section.


[8] Once added, tap on the playlist created and start streaming.


How to Stream King IPTV on Kodi

Kodi is a popular media player application that stream any kind of media. Most commonly, Kodi is used to stream IPTV on various devices. With Kodi, you can access King IPTV on all its accessible devices like Android, iOS, PC, etc.

How to Get Kodi on Firestick

[1] Click on the Search tile from the Firestick home screen.

[2] Search and install Downloader from the Amazon App Store.

[2] After installation, launch the Downloader and enter the

[3] Click on Go and scroll down to Choose your weapon section.

[4] Select the Android icon and download the ARMV8A (64BIT) version.

[5] After downloading the apk, install it on your Fire TV device.

[6] Once installed, click on Open to launch the app.

How to Access King IPTV on Kodi

[1] Once installed, launch Kodi on your device.

[2] Choose TV from the left panel

[3] Click OK from the pop-up that appears on the screen.

[4] Click on the Enter add-on browser from the screen.


[5] Under PVR Clients Add-ons, scroll and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client.

PVR IPTV Simple Client

[6] Click on the Install icon.


[7] Click on Enable and again click on Configure to being the configuration.


[8] Set the location as the Remote path (Internet Access) from the drop menu.


[9] Enter or paste the M3U URL provided from the King IPTV.

[10] Click on OK to add the M3U playlist.

[11] Restart the Kodi app and open the TV tab from the left panel.

[12] Now you can watch all the King IPTV content on Kodi.


Customer Support


King IPTV offers excellent customer care service when compared to any other IPTV service. To contact their service, you can fill up the contact form by entering your name and email address, followed by the service you needed in detail. You can also contact the IPTV service via WhatsApp to clarify your doubt using the following number +216 22 370 237.


This review article gives you an idea about King IPTV. Before going for premium service, try using the 24 hours free trial provided by the IPTV provider. If the service is good, then go for premium service, or you can still try out various IPTV’s like Shack TV IPTV, Gear Reloaded IPTV, and many more, which have been provided in detail on our site. If you are hanging on with any queries, make use of the comments section below.

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