Glatt IPTV Review: How to Watch on Android, Firestick, Kodi, Enigma

Glatt IPTV: How to Watch on Android, Firestick, Kodi, and Enigma

Glatt IPTV is a premium service provider that offers users TV channels and on-demand content using M3U Playlist. You can watch 19,000+ channels with 56,000 VOD content. By subscribing to the premium subscription, you can get to use the 72 hours Catch-up feature on your device. To stream Glatt IPTV on Android, Enigma, Kodi, and other devices, you need the support of IPTV players that runs M3U.

Why Choose Glatt IPTV?

  • It streams channels in HD, FHD, and 4K clarity.
  • Glatt IPTV comes with an EPG guide for tracking TV programs.
  • The service comes with 24/7 Customer support.
  • You can avail of the money-back guarantee of the service.
  • It offers a 24-hour free trial.


  • 1 Month: €11
  • 3 Months: €27
  • 6 Months: €39
  • 12 Months: €59

How to Sign Up for Glatt IPTV

1: Visit the Glatt IPTV official website on a web browser using a PC or Smartphone.

2: Scroll down and click on the Subscribe button on any subscription.

Choose a Subscription on Glatt IPTV website

3: On the next page, enter the email and the rest of the other details on the page and click on the Complete Order button.

Enter the details and click on the Complete Order button

4: Then, in the next step, sign in with your PayPal account.

5: Follow the on-screen instructions to get the subscription code from the service.

6: Using the subscription code, activate it on the website.

7: Now, you have subscribed to the Glatt IPTV premium.

Why Connect VPN to Stream Glatt IPTV

In the pool of IPTV services, we may don’t know which is a legal and illegal IPTV service. To tackle the usage of illegal IPTV services, a VPN helps in a good way. A VPN helps you to mask your location and helps to tackle geo-restriction, ISP blocking, and other IPTV problems. To make this happen, you could try using premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Glatt IPTV on Android Devices

1: Open the Play Store app on your device and search for IPTV Stalker Player.

2: Select the app and click on the Install button.

Click on the Instal button

3: Open the IPTV Stalker Player and enter the Mac Address and Glatt IPTV M3U URL on the field.

Enter the Mac address and M3U URL of Glatt IPTV

4: Next, tap the Additional settings checkbox and enter the IPTV credentials.

Enter the credentials of Glatt IPTV

5: Then click on the Save button to sign in with your account.

6: Next, tap on any content and start streaming Glatt IPTV on Android.

How to Get Glatt IPTV on Firestick

1: Click on the Search icon on the home page.

Click on the Search icon

2: Type in Downloader in the search and search for the app.

3: Select the app and click on the Get or Download button.

Tap on the Get or Download button

4: Go to Settings and click the My Fire TV option.

5: Then, select Developer options >> Install from Unknown Apps.

6: From the list, choose Downloader and turn it on.

Select Downloader to stream Glatt IPTV on Firestick

7: Now, browse and open the Downloader app on your Firestick.

8: On the search field, enter the IPTV Blink Player URL and hit the Go button.

Enter the IPTV Blink Player URL on the field

9: Tap the Install option on the pop-up to add the app on Firestick.

10: Open the IPTV Blink Player app and enter the M3U URL of Glatt IPTV.

11: Now your Firestick is ready for viewing Glatt IPTV.

How to Stream Glatt IPTV on Smart TV

1: Open the App Store on your TV and search for the Smart IPTV app.

2: Select and install the Smart IPTV app on your TV device.

3: Now, open the Smart IPTV app to get the MAC address.

4: Next, open any web browser and visit the Smart IPTV website.

5: On the website, enter the MAC address to activate the IPTV player.

6: Then, provide the M3U URL and MAC address again on the website.

7: Next, tap on all the checkboxes and click the Send button.

Click on the Send button

8: Now, open the Smart IPTV app on your TV and start watching Glatt IPTV.

How to Stream Glatt IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

1: On your PC, open the browser and visit the BlueStacks website.

2: On the website, click on the Download button to install BlueStacks on your Window.s

Click on the Download to install BlueStacks app on Windows and Mac

3: Open the app and sign in with your Gmail account. (If prompted)

Sign in with your Gmail account

4: Select the Play Store option on your emulator.

5: Search for TiviMate IPTV Player and press enter.

6: Choose the app from the results and tap on the Install button.

7: Open the TiviMate IPTV Player app, and enter the M3U and credentials of Glatt IPTV.

8: Choose any category and start watching Glatt IPTV on Windows & Mac.

How to View Glatt IPTV on Enigma

1: Open the Settings on Enigma.

2: Now, choose the following trail of menus: Setup >> System network device >> Setup adapter >> Settings.

3: Take note of the IP address displayed on the screen.

4: Open a web browser on your PC and Install Putty software from its official website.

5: Launch the Putty app and enter the IP address in the field.

6: Then, click on the Telnet option and select Open.

Select Telnet on Putty

7: Set the Default Login as Root.

8: Enter the M3U URL of Glatt IPTV and press enter.

9: Type Reboot and select enter.

10: Now, you view the content of Glatt IPTV on your Enigma device.

How to Run Glatt IPTV on Kodi

1: Install the Kodi app from the official website and open the app on your device.

2: Choose the Add-ons option under the Section option.

Select Add-ons option

3: Then, click on Install from Repository option.

4: Next, select the Kodi addon repository option.

5: Browse and choose the PVR Client option from the screen.

Click on the PVR Clients from the screen

6: Tap on the PVR IPTV Simple Client from the list of clients.

Choose PVR Simple Client from the list

7: Click the Install button to add the PVR client to your Kodi.

8: Now, choose the PVR IPTV Simple Client and click the Configure button.

Tap on the Configure button

9: Select the General option and enter the M3U URL of the provider in the field.

Enter the Glatt IPTV M3U URL

10: Next, tap on the enable button on the screen.

11: Now, visit the home screen and select TV >> Channels.

12: Choose any channel on the screen and run the IPTV provider on your Kodi app.

Customer Support

The Customer support of the Glatt IPTV offers help to premium users 24/7, every day. The IPTV service uses WhatsApp as a platform to deal with customer queries and suggest help.


For a reasonable amount of channels with a cheaper subscription, Glatt IPTV is the best choice for you. Since the IPTV provider is VPN-friendly, you can stream and enhance your TV channels on your preferred device easily.

Alternatives for Glatt IPTV

Apart from Glatt IPTV, you can select some other IPTV services on the internet with the same features and pricing. Some of the alternatives to the IPTV provider are,

Tribe IPTV

Tribe IPTV

The Tribe IPTV is one of the providers that stream premium Sports channels, 20,000+ VOD, and a lot more content in its premium. You can test out the premium features of Trib by using the one-day free trial. The service supports 720p, 1080p, HD, and FHD clarity for channels.

SuperSonic Streams

Supersonic Streams

The next on the list is Supersonic Streams. The provider offers the best collection of channels, with 9,000+ channels with PPV and VOD content. The IPTV service supports M3U and APK support for streaming. You can stream Supersonic streams on devices like MAG, Kodi, Smart TV, Firestick, Android, and Windows & Mac.

Planet IPTV

Alternative IPTV service for Glatt IPTV

The final alternative is Planet IPTV. The premium package of the service holds a collection of 5,000+ channels with Sports, TV shows, and Movies in it. With many stable servers and FHD clarity, this is one of the budget-friendly IPTV services for your Entertainment.