IPTV on Sharp Smart TV: How to Stream IPTV Videos

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television channels are streamed over the internet. In IPTV, the signals are transferred through radio waves and only upon the user’s requests. If a user requests to stream a movie, that only the IPTV sends it to the user’s device. You can use it on any device like smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, etc. In this article, we learn how to stream any IPTV on Sharp Smart TV.

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Smart IPTV is just an all-in-one IPTV player app. You do not need any subscription packs, and no user accounts are also needed to use the app. Smart IPTV is the IPTV Player app that is available on all smart TV and streaming devices.

Use a VPN while streaming IPTV

Governments and Internet Service Providers can track your identity for streaming copyrighted and geo-restricted content without having proper permission. Many IPTV providers will not have proper licenses to stream other content on their network, leading to illegal usage under government law. So by using free or paid VPN networks like Surfshark and TunnelBear VPN, you can hide your IP from all trackers by sending an anonymous IP address to the trackers.

Steps to Install IPTV on Sharp Smart TV

1. Turn on your Smart TV, and on the home screen, click the Google Play Store app.

IPTV on Sharp Smart TV

2. Click the Lens (search) icon in the upper left corner.

click search icon

3. With the help of a remote or on-screen keyboard, type Smart IPTV in the search box and hit Enter.

4. Now, select the Smart IPTV app and click the Install button.

IPTV on Sharp Smart TV

5. After the installation is complete, click the Open to open the app on your Sharp IPTV.

6. Enter the EPG or M3U URL and click the Connect button.

7. Start streaming your favorite IPTV channels on Sharp TV.

Customer Support

You can ask your questions related to the app only but not about channels to Smart IPTV developers by writing a mail about your query to info@siptv.app.


Thus by installing the Smart IPTV app on your Sharp TV, you will be able to stream all IPTV channels and services. The network reception quality is also excellent while comparing to other competitor apps. You can also check our guide on how to install IPTV on Toshiba Smart TV.

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