Viking IPTV Review: How to Stream on Android, iOS, Firestick, PC

Viking IPTV

To get access to TV channels across the world with cheaper premiums, the Viking IPTV comes in handy. The service offers good server uptime and stable servers to stream TV channels on your device without any crashing. The best feature of the service is the 10-day free trial to stream and try out the premium features for free. You can stream the IPTV service channels using the M3U and Set-top-box on your devices.

Why Choose Viking IPTV?

  • The IPTV service streams thousands of TV channels for streaming.
  • You can get access to premium content from Netflix, Apple TV+, SVT, HBO, etc.
  • This is one of the most affordable and popular IPTV in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.
  • Stream your favorite movies and TV shows 24/7.


  • 1 Month: SEK 249
  • 3 Months: SEK 549
  • 6 Months: SEK 899
  • 12 Months: SEK 1,399

How to Sign up for Viking IPTV or Buy TViP Box

1. Open a web browser and visit the official website of Viking IPTV.

2. Click on the Buy drop-down box and tap on the IPTV Subscription option.

3. Choose any one of the premium subscriptions that you need and click on it.

Sign up

4. On the next page, enter the necessary details and tap on the Add to Cart option.

5. Now, a pop-up will display. In there, click on the Pay option.

6. Enter your name and email address. Select Pay With Bitcoin option to finish the sign-up process.

Why Get VPN for IPTV Streaming

You need to have a VPN network while streaming an IPTV service to stream any content anywhere without any geo-restrictions. There are chances that many hackers might spy on your online activity for multiple reasons. So to protect yourself from it and to enhance your IPT streaming, you really need a premium VPN. We recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN for their best protection and the best servers they offer.

How to View Viking IPTV on Android Devices

1. Open the Play Store and install the Pocket IPTV on your device.

Install Pocket IPV to Stream Viking IPTV on Android

2. Go to the apps section and open the Pocket IPTV player.

3. On the M3U section, enter the URL of Vikings IPTV and other credentials.

Open M3U Section and enter the M3U URL of Viking IPTV

4. After entering the M3U URL, you can get to access the channel library of Viking IPTV on your Android.

How to Stream Viking IPTV on Firestick

1. Click on the Search icon on the home screen of your Firestick.

Click on the Search icon

2. Type Downloader and search for the app.

3. Select the app and click on Get or Download to install the Download on Firestick.

4. Now click on Settings >> My Fire TV.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

5. Then choose Developer options >> Instal Unknown Apps option.

Install Unknown Apps on Firestick

6. From the list, click on the Downloader and turn it ON.

Select Downloader and turn it ON

7. Now open the Downloader and give access to the app.

8. On the search field of the app, enter the TiviMate IPTV APK link and click on the Go button.

Enter TiviMate IPTV URL and click on the Go button

9. Tap on the Install button to add the IPTV player to your Firestick.

10. After installation, open the TiviMate IPTV and enter the M3U URL of Viking IPTV to start streaming.

How to Watch Vikings IPTV on Smart TV

1. Open the App store on your Smart TV and search for Smart IPTV.

2. Select the app from the results and click on the Install button.

3. Open the Smart IPTV app on your Smart TV to get the MAC address.

4. After getting the MAC address, open a web browser and visit the IPTV Player website.

5. Enter the MAC address on the website and activate the IPTV player.

6. Next, enter the IPTV details under the My List tab and click on all the checkboxes on the website.

7. After entering all the details, including the M3U URL of Viking IPTV, select the Send button on the website.

Click on the Send option

8. Now, go back to the Smart IPTV app on your Smart IPTV and watch your favorite TV channels of Vikings IPTV.

You can also stream Vikigs IPTV on your Smart TV by purchasing the IPTV set-top-boxes

How to Access Viking IPTV Channels on Windows / Mac PC

1. Open any browser on your PC and go to the BlueStacks website.

2. Click on the Download button and install the BlueStacks emulator.

Click on the Download button

3. Open the emulator and sign in with your Google account.

Sign In with your google Account

4. Now click on the Play Store option on the emulator and install IPTV Blink Player.

Install IPTV Blink Player to Stream Viking IPTV on Windows / Mac

5. Open the IPTV Blink Player app and enter the M3U URL of Viking IPTV.

6. Now you can access the thousands of channels of the IPTV on Mac / Windows.

How to Download Viking IPTV on TViP S-Box

1. You can get the TViP Box from the Viking IPTV site.

TViP Box

2. Set up the box with the given manual and other accessories.

3. Turn on the box and select language and time zone.

4. Complete the update to the latest firmware edition.

5. Go to Settings >> Network. Note down the MAC address.

6. Now, go to Settings and change them to the following:

Viking IPTV on TViP
  • Stream Source: Multicast
  • UDPXY Server: MPEG TS – Buffering, msec: 5000
  • DVR Storage: No Storage
  • Time Storage: Internal Storage
  • Auto Time Shift: Off
  • Content Source: Web Portal
  • Push the button that says Setup Web Portal
  • Portal URL:
  • Portal Manager: Off
  • Use Web Portal: Whole System
  • API Mode: GSTB

7. Then, press Apply.

8. Now, you can stream all the IPTV videos on your TViP S-Box.

How to Stream Viking IPTV on Kodi

1. Install the Kodi app on your compatible device.

2. Click on the Settings >> Add-ons option.

Click on the Add-ons option

3. Now click on the PVR Clients and choose IPTV Simple Client from the list.

Choose PVR IPTV Simple Client

4. Select the Install button to add the PVR IPTV Simple Client on Kodi.

5. Now go to My add-ons and click on the configure button.

6. Next, click on the add-on configuration and select the M3U Playlist URL under the General option.

Choose M3U Playlist URL option

7. Enter the M3U Playlist of Viking IPTV and click on the OK button.

Tap OK

8. After entering the URL, enable the PVR IPTV Simple Client on Kodi.

9. Then restart and visit the TV section of the home screen of Kodi.

10. Select a TV channel from the list for streaming. Go to Home and click on the TV option.

How to Stream Viking IPTV on Formuler Devices

1. Connect your Formuler device to the TV and finish setting it up.

2. Click on the MYTV Online option on the screen.

Click on the MYIPTV Online option on the screen

3. Now, choose Edit >> Edit Services option.

Tap on Edit option

4. On the service nickname, type Viking.

5. On the service URL, type in the M3U URL of Viking IPTV.

6. Now, your Formuler is ready to stream the IPTV channel on your TV device.

Customer Support

Viking IPTV - Customer Support

By visiting the Viking IPTV website, you can get the email id of the customer support team to complain about your problem. The service also offers help through Telegram portals to deal with customer queries. You can reach out the customer support at a specific time period. (10:00 – 22:00)


If you like to stream thousands of premium TV channels at low pricing, then Viking IPTV is one of the considerable choices. The IPTV service offers Swedish channels and popular OTT content on your premium. By offering the best customer support with many compatible devices, Viking IPTV stands alone among other IPTV services. The drawback of the service is that it offers only a limited amount of channels and content comparing others.

Alternative IPTV Services for Viking IPTV

If you want to stream more channels than Viking, then try checking out the upcoming alternatives to your entertainment.



To stream Swedish, Sports, Kids, Lifestyle, and other TV channels on your streaming device, then Moon IPTV is the best choice. Using the IPTV service 99.99% server uptime rate, you can get to stream its 15,000+ premium channels hassle-free. Apart from Swedish, you can get to stream 60+ country channels on many devices since it supports no IP lock feature.



Bird IPTV is a premium IPTV provider that streams live and on-demand content on your preferred device. The service has a channel library with International channels, 12,000+ Live TV channels, etc. You can get to stream 15,000+ VOD content on compatible devices like Android, MAG, Enigma, Formuler, etc.



For premium sports, international, and Live TV channel collections, IPTV Gear offers a promising premium deal for users. The IPTV service supports popular and underrated IPTV players to stream its M3U URL. Using the latest H264 technology, you can stream 10,000+ TV channels with 20,000 VOD content of IPTV Gear seamlessly.