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Legazy IPTV Player: How to Install on Android, Firestick, TV

Some IPTV providers give only the URL or M3U link to stream the live TV channels and on-demand content. For those IPTV providers, you have to use a third-party IPTV Media Player to stream the video contents. If your IPTV provider offers only the M3U link, you can use the Legazy IPTV media player app to stream its contents.

Legazy IPTV is one of the fewest IPTV Media Players that is available on the Play Store. It is a premium IPTV media player with no-ads and offers a lot of customization options. The subscription starts at $50 per month and available for all Android-based devices. Let’s see how to sign up and install the app on different devices.

How to Sign Up for Legazy IPTV

(1) Visit the Legazy IPTV website (https://legazy.systems/).

Legazy IPTV

(2) Tap the Price button on the top of the webpage.

(3) Choose the $50 per month APK Android option. The macOS app is under development.

Legazy IPTV

(4) Now, you will get a different subscription option. Choose your preferred subscription by click the Order Now button.

Order Now button

(5) On the Review & Checkout page, tap the Checkout button.

Continue button

(6) On the Checkout page, provide your personal information and scroll down.

Legazy IPTV

(7) Choose your preferred mode of payment and complete the order.

Legazy IPTV

(8) When the payment is completed, you will get the apk file in your mail.

Why need a VPN to access IPTV?

By using a VPN, you can spoof your geolocation to a country where IPTV services are not banned. VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN has servers in more than 90 countries. Buy any of the VPN and use it anonymously.

Supported Devices

  • Android Smartphones
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Smart TVs

How to Install Legazy IPTV on Android Smartphones

(1) Launch the Play Store app on your smartphone and search for Legazy IPTV.

Legazy IPTV

(2) Select the Legazy IPTV Player from the search results.

Legazy IPTV

(3) Make a tap the Install button on the next screen.

Install button

(4) After the installation, tap the Open button.

Open button

(5) Now, enter your IPTV credentials and watch your favorite IPTV content.

Legazy IPTV

How to Install Legazy IPTV on Firestick

Before getting into the installation steps, turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources feature on your Firestick. Go to Settings –> My Fire TV –> Developer Options –> Apps from Unknown Sources –> Turn On.

Apps from Unknown Sources

(1) Go to the Firestick Home screen and navigate to the Search icon.

Legazy IPTV

(2) Using the Fire TV remote, type Downloader, and search for it.

Legazy IPTV

(3) Select the Downloader app under the Apps & Games category.

Downloader app

(4) Click on the Download icon to get the Downloader app. After the download, the app will be automatically installed.

Download button

(5) Choose the Open icon to launch the Downloader app.

Open button

(6) Navigate to the URL bar and enter the Legazy IPTV download link https://bit.ly/3kUfumz. After that, click the Go button.

Legazy IPTV

(7) Click the Install button followed by the Open button to launch the IPTV app.

(8) Enter your IPTV provider details and start watching your favorite live TV channels on Firestick.

How to Install Legazy IPTV on Android Smart TV

(1) Launch the Play Store app and search for the Legazy IPTV Player, just like you did it on your smartphones.

(2) Select the Install button, followed by the Open button.

(3) Now, you will get the IPTV home screen.

(4) Enter your IPTV credentials to watch the live TV channels.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Like most of the IPTV services, Legazy IPTV Player provides only one way of customer support, Email support. In the Contact Us form, you have to enter your name, email, subject of the query, department of your query, priority, and your message. You can add attachments to the form if you want. You will get a reply mail from the services within 2-3 business days.


Providing only the IPTV Media Player for $50 seems to be costly when other media player apps like GSE Smart IPTV and Perfect Player are available for free. If you want ad-free streaming, options to change the UI, and other customization options, you can go for this IPTV service. As the app has no free trial, we suggest you get the one month pack first. If you are satisfied, then go for the long-term packs.

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