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IPTV Prime Review: How to Install on Firestick, Android, PC

IPTV Prime is one of the IPTV Service providers to feature more than 10000+ live TV channels in around 250+ countries. You can enjoy your IPTV channels in a new, intelligent and intuitive way as they claim. It even covers Video On Demand content like movies, TV series, etc. With unique apps, it does offer high-quality streaming along with frequent updates. It even comes with the anti-buffer feature. You can subscribe to this IPTV for as low as $19 for 3 months or get plans for two and three devices for 6 months and 1 year too. Follow along to know more about this IPTV Service provider.

Is IPTV Prime Illegal to Use?

IPTV Prime isn’t illegal to use. You will be paying a fair amount for their subscription, so there might be minimal charges for the pirated content. But there might be some and streaming them is illegal in some countries. So make sure to use a VPN to prevent your IP from being visible to others. Also, if there is any geo-restricted content, a VPN will help you change your location and access the restricted content. A VPN will also prevent your device from throttling. So make sure to use some of the best VPNs like PrivateVPN or Avast VPN.

How Much is Prime IPTV?

IPTV Prime app has three different plans for different periods and you can get the plans based on the number of devices you use.

No.of.Device3 Months6 Months12 Months

How to Subscribe to the IPTV Prime

(1) Visit the official site of IPTV Prime. (https://iptvprime.co/).

(2) Click on the Pricing option.

(3) Go ahead to select the Number of Devices.

(4) Now, select the pricing plan you want.

(5) Click on the Subscribe Now button.

Subscribe for IPTV Prime

(6) On the next screen, you can either choose to pay with PayPal.

(7) Or enter your contact information with your Email and Billing address details.

(8) Then, click on the Continue Payment.

Subscribe for IPTV Prime

(9) If you choose PayPal, you will be directed to your PayPal account link. Sign in with your PayPal username and password.

(10) Or enter your Credit or Debit card info and complete the payment.

Subscribe for IPTV Prime

The details will be sent to you via your Email. On subscription, you will receive your M3U URL for streaming.

Installation Guide

After you subscribe to IPTV Prime, you will get the installation guide in your mail. You can call customer support to proceed and complete the installation with its unique apps for each and every device. Also, you will be getting the M3U Link in your confirmation mail. You can use this URL to stream on multiple IPTV players like GSE Smart IPTV or IPTV Smarters or VLC Media Player, etc.

How to Get IPTV Prime on iOS

(1) Open the App Store on your iOS device.

(2) Then search for the IPTV Smarters Player app.

(3) Tap the Get button for the app to install on your iOS device.

IPTV Smarters Pro on iOS

(4) Launch the app on your iOS device.

(5) Then, enter your username, password, and the M3U URL of IPTV Prime.

(6) Click on the Add User button.

IPTV Prime with IPTV Smarters Pro on iOS

(7) Now, all the channels and VOD content will load on the app.

How to Watch IPTV Prime on Android

(1) On your Android device open the Play Store app.

(2) Search for the IPTV Stalker Player app.

(3) Now, install the app on your Android phone or tablet.

IPTV Stalker Player on Android

(4) Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

(5) On the welcome screen, enter the Nickname, Portal URL of IPTV Prime, and the MAC Address.

IPTV Prime with IPTV Stalker Player on Android

(9) Now, click on the Additional Settings option and enter your IPTV username and password.

IPTV Prime with IPTV Stalker Player on Android

(10) Click on the Save button and your channels will appear on the home screen.

How to Stream IPTV Prime on Firestick

(1) On your Amazon Fire Stick home screen, click on the Find option.

(2) Then, choose the Search option.

(3) Search for the VLC Media Player.

VLC on Firestick

(4) Download the VLC Media Player on your streaming device.

VLC on Firestick

(5) Open the app and click on the Browsing option from the left pane.

IPTV Prime with VLC on Firestick

(6) Then, choose the Stream option under Browsing.

VLC on Firestick

(7) Now, enter the Network Streaming URL (M3U URL) of IPTV Prime.

(8) Then, again click on the Stream option.

(9) Wait for a while for the IPTV content to load.

How to Watch IPTV Prime on Smart TV?

(1) On your Smart TV, open the App Store.

(2) Search for the Smart IPTV app.

(3) Install the app on your Smart TV.

(4) Open the app and note down the MAC Address.

(5) Then, go to (siptv.app/mylist) from your smartphone or computer web browser.

(6) Now, enter the MAC Address and the M3U URL.

Enter Login detials

(7) Click on the Send button.

(8) Now, refresh the app on your TV, and you can find the IPTV Prime content.

How to Get IPTV Prime on Windows PC

(1) Download and install the BlueStacks app on your Windows PC (https://www.bluestacks.com).

(2) Open the app and sign in with your Google Account.

(3) Select the Play Store option on the home screen.

Play Store on BlueStacks

(4) Click on the Search and search for the GSE Smart IPTV.

(5) Select the app and install it on your PC.

(6) Launch the GSE Smart IPTV.

(7) Click on the Allow button.

GSE Smart TV on PC

(8) Then, choose Remote Playlists from the left pane.

GSE Smart IPTV on PC

(9) Enter the M3U URL provided by the IPTV Prime.

(10) And that’s it. Now, the content will start loading.

Customer Support

IPTV Prime offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via email o via phone. Their email ID is iptvteamcontact@gmail.com. And their phone number is +447466611620. Also, you can click on the WhatsApp button on the official site to commence the live WhatsApp chat.


It is one of the powerful IPTV Service providers with various unique features. Comparatively, IPTV Prime offers a plethora of content at a very low price. Moreover, you will be getting more channels from around the world. So it is worth giving it a try. If you are looking for other options, you can also try other IPTV service providers like Monster IPTV and MH IPTV.

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