Casper TV IPTV for Android, Firestick, Smart TV: How to Install and Stream

Casper TV IPTV

Casper TV IPTV is a premium IPTV player that does not provide any in-built content. The user needs to get an M3U link from the service provider and paste it into the Casper IPTV to stream media content. The player also has parental control settings, which can be customized by the user. As said earlier, this player is a premium one. To get a subscription for Casper TV IPTV, the user needs to visit the official website and contact the developer using the Whatsapp number.

There are various subscription plans available for Casper TV. Each plan is equipped with some special features. However, the price of subscription plans is not mentioned on the website. The only way to know about the subscription plans is to contact the developer.

Purpose of VPN While Streaming IPTV

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How to Sign Up on Casper IPTV

1) Visit the Casper IPTV website.

2) Contact the developer and get a subscription package.

3) The developer will send the activation code via mail or Whatsapp.

4) Now, install the Casper TV on your desired device.

5) Sign in using the activation code.

How to Install Casper TV IPTV on Android Smartphones

1) Open the Play Store app on your Android device.

Open play store

2) Tap on the search and type Casper TV.

3) Select the Casper Media app from the search results.

4) Tap Install to download the app.

Tap install to download the Casper TV IPTV app

5) Open the Casper Media app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

6) Log in to the app using the activation code sent by the developer.

7) Enter the M3U link and Mac address provided by your IPTV service provider.

8) Now, you can stream your favorite content on Casper TV player.

How to Install Casper TV IPTV on Firestick

1) Turn on your Firestick TV.

2) Click on the Find tab and select the Appstore tile.

select Appstore

3) Select the All Categories tab.

tap All Categories

4) Click on Utilities displayed at the bottom.

click Utilities

5) You can see the Downloader app on the first row.

6) Select the Downloader app and click the download icon to install the app.

Install the downloader app

7) After installing, open it and follow the on-screen prompts to set up the app.

8) Now, press the home button on your firestick remote.

9) Tap the Settings icon.

click settings

10) Scroll down to the bottom and select My Fire TV.

tap My Fire TV

11) You will find Developer options on the screen. Select it.

select Developer options

12) Enable the ADB debugging option.

13) Tap on the option, Apps from Unknown Sources.

14) Locate and tap the toggle switch next to the Downloader app.

enable ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown sources

15) Now, launch the Downloader app and paste the Casper TV link or code in the URL Box.

16) Select Go.

Paste the Casper TV DOWNLOAD LINK and tap Go.

17) The Casper TV installation screen pops up, tap Install to get the Casper TV IPTV on Firestick.

18) Open the app and sign in using the activation code.

19) Now, fill in the M3U link of your desired IPTV service and start streaming.

How to Watch Casper TV IPTV on Android Smart TV

1) From your Smart TV home screen, navigate to the Apps section.

2) Locate and select the Google Play Store app.

3) You can also find Google Play Store by searching it in the search box at the top of the screen.

tap PlayStore

4) Search for Casper TV IPTV in the search.

Search and Install Casper TV IPTV

5) You will find the Casper Media option listed at the top of the search results.

6) Select the Casper Media app and tap Install.

7) After the installation, Open the app.

8) The app asks for an activation code. Enter the activation code given by the developer.

9) Now, paste the M3U link of the IPTV service provider and start watching movies and TV shows.

How to Get Casper TV IPTV on PC – Windows & Mac

1) Open a browser on your PC and download the Casper TV IPTV Apk file.

2) Download the BlueStacks software from your desired browser.

3) Install BlueStacks and sign in using your Google credentials.

Install Bluestack on your PC and sign in

4) On the BlueStacks interface, locate the apk icon placed on the sidebar.

5) Click on the apk icon and select the Casper IPTV apk file.

Tap the apk icon to install the Casper TV IPTV on PC

6) Select Open. The installation process will begin.

7) Launch the Casper TV app and enter the activation code.

8) Paste the M3U link provided by the IPTV service provider and get access to video content on Casper TV.

Customer Support

If you face any difficulties while accessing the app after purchasing, visit the official website of Casper TV and contact the developer using the Whatsapp number provided. The developers will look into the issue and rectify it.


Casper TV is the best platform to play content from your desired IPTV service provider. This player offers smooth playing of video content compared to other IPTV. The main demerit of this Casper IPTV player is its subscription. This player is not free. If you’re looking for a free IPTV, you can try the free IPTV players like GSE SMART IPTV, Magic IPTV.