IPTV Jellyfin for Android, iOS, Firestick: How to Setup and Use

IPTV Jellyfin

Jellyfin is simply a free software media system on the whole with which you can control your own media across multiple platforms. It works like Plex, where you will be setting servers to access content on multiple devices. Likewise, apart from local media files with Jellyfin, you can set up a server for streaming your IPTV Service Providers. You can set up the server on your computer and access the IPTV content from other streaming devices. Here is how to set up servers and access IPTVs on different streaming devices.

Are IPTV Services Legal without VPN?

Not all IPTV is legit and a VPN is a compulsory option while streaming with an IPTV service provider. As far as Jellyfin is concerned, the users will set up the server and upload content independently. Those content may or may not have the owner’s consent which emphasizes that it might be a pirated one. So it is better to keep a VPN to provide an additional layer of security. A VPN will hide your IP and make you anonymous over the internet. Find some best VPNs like Surfshark or Avast VPN.

How to Setup IPTV Jellyfin Server

#1 Open the Jellyfin media player official site on any device you want.

#2 You need to click on the Admin Panel from the top-right corner of the screen.

#3 Choose the Live TV option from the left panel.

Setup IPTV Jellyfin Server

#4 Click the + icon near the Tuner Devices.

#5 From the Live TV Tuner page, choose Live TV Tuner Setup.

Setup IPTV Jellyfin Server

#6 The Jellyfin will find your tuner automatically.

#7 Then, choose the device for which you would like to set up.

#8 Click Save. You can also set the tuner manually when the Jellyfin fails to detect one.

Setup IPTV Jellyfin Server

#9 Choose any Tuner type.

#9.1 HDHomeRun Specific Options – Tuner’s IP Address is the URL of the HomeRun device, and the format is http://YOUR.IP.ADDRESS.

Setup IPTV Jellyfin Server

#9.2 M3U Tuner Specific Options – The file or URL is the location of the M3U8 playlist. It can be stored on the web with an HTTP source or stored locally.

#10 Then, you need to set up guide data and map channels.

Setup IPTV Jellyfin Server

How to Install IPTV Jellyfin on Android TV & Smartphones

#1 Open the Play Store app on your Android device like a phone, tablet, or TV.

#2 Then search for the Jellyfin app.

#3 Select the app with the following icon.

#4 Tap the Install button on the Play Store.

Install Jellyfin on Android

#5 The app will be downloaded and installed on your Android device.

#6 Once done, make sure to set up the Jellyfin server and choose the IP address of your Android device.

#7 Also add the M3U8 URL of the IPTV Service Provider.

#8 That’s it. You can now stream with IPTV Jellyfin.

#9 Once you successfully set up the server, you can find the Live TV on the home screen.

Jellyfin on Android

How to Download IPTV Jellyfin on iOS

#1 Open the App Store on your iOS device.

#2 Now search for the Jellyfin app.

#3 Select the app and tap the Get button.

Install Jellyfin on iOS

#4 Once the app is installed, open the app.

#5 Then, set up the server and choose the IP address of your Android device.

#6 Add the M3U8 URL of the IPTV Service Provider you want to stream.

#7 Once done, click on the Live TV option from the home screen.

Jellyfin on iOS

How to Stream IPTV Jellyfin on Firestick

#1 Connect your Firestick to the WiFi network.

#2 Now click on the Find menu option on the home screen.

#3 Choose to Search, and the search window opens.

Firestick Home Screen

#4 On the Search screen, type Jellyfin and search for the app.

#5 Select the app from the search results.

#6 Now, click on the Get button.

Install Jellyfin on Firestick

#7 Once the app is downloaded, open the app.

#8 Set up the server and select the IP address of your streaming device.

#9 Finally, add the M3U8 URL and wait for the content to load.

How to Add IPTV Jellyfin on Roku

#1 Make sure to connect your Roku streaming device to the internet.

#2 Press the home button and navigate to the home screen.

#3 Click on the Streaming Channels option.

#4 Then, choose the Search Channels option.

Roku Home Screen

#5 Using the remote, type Jellyfin and select the app from the search results.

#6 Click on the Add Channel button.

Add Jellyfin on Roku

#7 Once the channel is installed, open the app and set up the server with the respective IP address.

#8 Add the M3U8 link of the IPTV service provider.

#9 Wait for the content to load to stream.

How to Watch IPTV Jellyfin on Samsung or LG Smart TV

#1 Open the Content Store on your Samsung or LG Smart TV.

LG TV Home Screen

#2 Then, choose the Search option.

#3 Search for the Jellyfin app.

LG Content Store

#4 Install the app on your Smart TV.

#5 Once the app is installed, open the app and click on the Settings option.

#6 Now, choose to set up the server for streaming IPTV.

#7 Add the URL of the IPTV Service provider.

#8 That’s it. Now you are good to go and stream with IPTV Jellyfin.

How to Get IPTV Jellyfin on Computer

#1 Visit the Jellyfin official site on the web browser.

#2 Navigate to click on the Downloads option.

#3 Scroll down and choose Windows or MAC or Linux.

#4 Select the version you want to download.

Install Jellyfin on Computer for Setting up Server

#5 Once the app is downloaded, Install it on your device.

#6 Now, launch the app and Set up the server.

#7 Once the setup is done, you can add your IPTV Service Provider content with the M3U8 Link.

How to Get IPTV Jellyfin Kodi Plugin

#1 Open the Kodi app on the respective device and choose the Setting menu.

#2 Then select File Manager and select Add Source.

Add Source to Kodi

#3 On the provided text box type: https://kodi.jellyfin.org.

#4 Enter the name Jellyfin Repo and click Ok.

#5 Go back to the Settings menu and select Add-on Browser.

#6 Select Install From Zip File. Kodi will prompt you to enable Unknown Sources. (Home Screen > System > Add-ons > Unknown Sources > Click Yes).

#7 Select the data source that is Jellyfin Repo.

#8 Then, choose repository.jellyfin.kodi.zip.

#9 On the next screen, click Install.

#10 Close and open the Kodi app again.

#11 Once the app is refreshed, you can find the Jellyfin icon on the home screen.

Customer Support

You can contact them by visiting their official site. Click on the Contact option. You can find the links for the various means of contacting them on social media like Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc. You can join their Chat Rooms by visiting jellyfin-offtopic:matrix.org and chat about anything you want.


Streaming with IPTV Jellyfin is definitely a quite complicated one as it requires setting up servers and M3U8 links, etc. But still, you can easily find the application in most of the App Stores and on Kodi. So you can easily try this service as it doesn’t require any subscription and is completely free. You can get a full taste of IPTV servers with IPTV Jellyfin. If you are looking for something else, there are some other options too like Vibe TV IPTV and Surge TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IPTV services are legal?

The best legal IPTV providers include Vidgo, fuboTV, Locast, Xumo TV, Distro, AiryTV, and more.

What is the best alternative to Jellyfin?

The best Jellyfin alternatives include Plex, Kodi, Stremio, Emby, Universal Media Server, Serviio,

Is Jellyfin better than Plex?

Yes. Jellyfin is better than Plex as new features are added frequently for which you need not pay.

Does Jellyfin IPTV support EPG?

Yes. It supports EPG and M3U.

Why is Jellyfin DLNA not working?

It may not work when the server is not found.

Can I Chromecast Jellyfin?

Yes. You can cast it from your Android/iOS smartphone or from the Chrome browser on a PC.

Can I run Jellyfin Raspberry Pi?

Yes. It is the best option to use on Raspberry Pi.

Can Jellyfin stream live TV?

Yes. It allows you to watch and record live TV with supported hardware.

Is Jellyfin Apple TV compatible?

No. It is only available for Apple devices including iPhone and iPad.