Nexgen IPTV Review: How to Access 14000+ Live Channels

Don’t be a boring, limited access cable TV user when you can have unlimited content over IPTV. Introducing Nexgen IPTV, the next-generation TV service that offers a lot than any other TV service provider. It provides you over 14000+ live channels, VOD, movies, series, and many more in SD, HD, and FHD quality. All these features come at an extremely budget-friendly price to your home. So let’s jump into the steps involved in the signup and installation process.

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How to Sign up for Nexgen IPTV

[1] Visit the Nexgen IPTV website on your browser.

[2] Select any one of the plans from the list of available plans.

Plan - Nexgen IPTV

[3] Click on Buy Now to add to the cart for purchase.

[4] Select the Customization Channel, if needed.

[5] Click on Subscribe to proceed further.


[6] Enter your name, address, and email ID for Nexgen IPTV sign up.

[7] Click on Proceed to PayPal to make your payment.

Proceed to paypal

[8] You will get the login credentials, M3U URL, and setup guide for Nexgen IPTV in your mail once you complete the payment.

How to Install Nexgen IPTV on Android Devices

[1] Install IPTV Smarter Pro from the Play Store.

[2] Open the app after the installation.

[3] Accept the term and conditions in the beginning.

[4] Select the Login with Xtream code API option.

Login with xtream codes API

[5] Now enter your login detail, beginning with your name (any name of your choice).

[6] Then enter your username, password, and URL for Nexgen IPTV provided during login.

Add user

[7] Tap on Add User to create your profile.

[8] Click on the name provided to your profile and start streaming on Nexgen IPTV.

Nexgen IPTV

How to Download Nexgen IPTV on iOS – iPhone & iPad

[1] Download and install GSE SMART IPTV from the App Store.


[2] Click on the Hamburger icon from the top right corner.

[3] Select Remote Playlists from the menu.

Remote Playlists

[4] Press the Plus (+) icon to add a new remote playlist.

Nexgen IPTV

[5] Select Add M3U URL from the pop-up that appears.

Nexgen IPTV

[6] Enter the playlist name and URL in the respective fields.

[7] Click on Add to create your remote playlist.

Add button

[8] Click on the created playlist to watch Nexgen IPTV on your iPhone or iPad device.

How to Nexgen IPTV on PC (Windows and Mac)

[1] Download and install VLC on your Windows/Mac PC.

[2] Click on Media from the menu bar.

[3] Select Open Network Stream under the Media menu.

Open Network stream

[4] Choose the Network tab in the open network stream.

[5] Enter the M3U URL in the URL field.

Play - Nexgen IPTV

[6] Click on Play to stream the IPTV channels on your PC.

[7] Press Ctrl + L on the keyboard to view and change among the available channel list.

How to Get Nexgen IPTV on Smart TV

[1] Launch the app store on your Android Smart TV.

[2] Search and install Smart IPTV (SIPTV) from the store.

[3] From any browser on your PC, visit URL:

[4] Enter your device Mac address in the MAC field.

[5] Now add the M3U URL provide by Nexgen IPTV via mail in the required field.

Nexgen IPTV - smart TV

[6] Click on send in your PC and then restart SIPTV app on your Smart TV.

[7] Once restarted, the M3U URL will be added to the Smart IPTV device.

[8] Start streaming the content available on Nexgen IPTV.

How to Install Nexgen IPTV on Firestick

[1] Plug the Fire TV stick to the HDMI port of your TV or monitor.

[2] Click on the Search icon from the home screen.


[3] Search for Downloader in the search bar.

[4] Click on the Download icon to download and install the Downloader.

[5] Before opening Downloader, get back to the home screen.

[6] Click on Settings from the home screen.


[7] Navigate to My fire TV/Device settings.

My Fire TV

[8] Select Developer options from the menu.

developer options

[9] Scroll down to Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from unknown sources

[10] Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Turn on

[11] Now open the Downloader from your apps.

[12] Enter the Nexgen IPTV URL in the required field.

Downloader go

[13] Click on Go to download IPTV Smarter Pro apk.

[14] Once the download finishes, click on Install to install IPTV smarter on your device.

[15] After installation, click on Open to launch IPTV smarter.

[16] Select Login with Xtream codes API mode for sign in.

Nexgen IPTV

[17] Enter the name for your profile (any name), followed by username and password.

[18] Once all the details are filled in, click on Add User to add your profile.

Nexgen IPTV

[19] Click on your profile to watch all the channels, movies, and TV shows on Nexgen IPTV.

Nexgen IPTV

How to Get a Refund on Nexgen IPTV

[1] Launch the browser on your PC or smartphone.

[2] Visit the IPTV URL from your browser.

[3] Enter your name and email ID in the required field.

[4] In the subject, enter your Transaction ID along with the subject message as Request for refund.

refund request

[5] Also, describe the issue you are facing with Nexgen TV in detail in the message box.

[6] Click on Send Message to process your refund request.

[7] Now the refund will be processed, and the amount will be added to your purchased account with 3 to 5 working days.

Highlights of Nexgen IPTV

  • It has over 13,000+ channels from all around the world.
  • Over 45,000+ VOD that includes Movies, TV Shows, and series.
  • Stream on SD, HD, and Full HD (1080p) quality.
  • 24 hours of free trial with all features.
  • All worldwide channels and VOD, notably almost all channels from the USA, Cannada, and UK.
  • 24/7 customer care support via chat and mail.


Watch Nexgen IPTV is simple just by following the steps for your device from the article above. It offers you a free trial to test and check the live TV channels. So give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you are satisfied with the Nexgen IPTV, use Network 24 IPTV or Bee IPTV.

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