How to Install IPTV on Android Box [Guide]

IPTV on Android Box

Android Boxes are Android devices that can be plugged into the TV via HDMI port. With Android Boxes, you can install Android apps and games on your TV as you do in Android smartphones. Most of the IPTV providers and IPTV players can be installed on Android smartphones either from the Play Store or using the download link. Likewise, you can also install IPTV on Android Box.

Android Box Brands

  • Mi Box
  • Nvidia Shield
  • MXQ Pro
  • VANKYO MatrixBox
  • Beelink GT KIng

Though there are many different brands for Android Box, the procedure to install IPTV on Android Box remains the same. In every Android Box, you will have Play Store to install apps and games. But, the apps and games available on the Play Store for Android Box may not be the same as the Play Store for Android smartphones.

IPTV player apps like GSE SMART IPTV, Perfect Player IPTV, and IPTV Smarters Pro are officially available on the Play Store. You can install any of the IPTV player apps on your Android box. But, most of the IPTV providers are not available on the Play Store. In that case, you have to use the IPTV player apps to stream the video contents, or you can sideload the app using any third-party installers.

How to Install IPTV on Android Box

Make sure that your Android Box is updated to the latest version. In the older version, the apps available in the Play Store may differ.

(1) Open the Play Store on your Android Box.

Google Play Store

(2) You will get the Google Play Store on your screen.

IPTV on Android Box

(3) Search for the IPTV apps like GSE SMART IPTV or Falcon IPTV.

Search bar

(4) Install the respective IPTV app on your device.

(5) Open the IPTV app and enter your IPTV credential.

(6) Then, stream all the live TV channels and on-demand videos from your Android Box.

How to Sideload IPTV on Android Box

Enable USB Debugging

(1) Go to the Settings option on your Android TV Box.

Settings icon

(2) Open the Device Preferences option under the General Settings.

Device Preferences

(3) On the Device Preferences menu, choose the About option.

IPTV on Android Box

(4) Tap the Build option rapidly until you get the No need, you are already a developer pop-up.

Build option

(5) Now, open the Developer options under the Device Preferences menu.

IPTV on Android Box

(6) Enable the USB debugging toggle.

USB debugging

Install IPTV on Android Box using File Commander

To sideload apps on Android Box, you need to have some third-party installers on your device. Among the third-party apps available for Android Box, File Commander is the best one. Install the File Commander app on your Android Box from the Play Store.

(1) Download the IPTV apk file you want from any of the websites.

(2) Copy-paste the apk file on a USB drive.

(3) Then, plug in the USB drive on your Android Box.

(4) After that, open the File Commander app on your TV box.

File Commander app

(5) The USB drive will appear along with the internal storage.

(6) Open the removable disk folder and locate the apk file.

IPTV on Android Box

(7) Install the apk file on your Android box.

Install button

(8) After the IPTV app is installed, select the Open button.

(9) Sign in with your IPTV account and stream all the channels on your Android Box.


These are the possible ways to get IPTV on Android Box. Install the IPTV app on your Android Box from the Play Store or sideload the IPTV app using File Commander. Pick an IPTV provider or IPTV player that is available for Android Box at the time of buying to avoid “App Not Supported” issues.