Daily IPTV: How to Stream on Android, iOS, and Firestick

Daily IPTV is one of the best IPTV Service Providers with a low subscription plan. It provides 12000+ live TV channels and VOD content with just a single subscription. You can get the free trial for 7 days and then decide whether to opt for a monthly subscription. It offers streaming in SD, HD, and full HD streaming quality. You also get 24×7 customer support which is seen only in a few IPTV services. The exclusive feature of the IPTV is that with just a single subscription, users can stream multiple devices at the same time.

How to Signup for Daily IPTV

1. Go to the Daily IPTV website and click the Get 7 Days trial button.

Daily IPTV

2. You need to pay $4.99 to access the service for a week.

3. Click the Checkout button, and you will be directed to the payment page.

click checkout

4. Then, fill in the registration form and select your preferred payment method and click Submit.

click submit - Daily IPTV

5. After successful payment, you will receive all the details through email.

Why Use VPN When Streaming IPTV

We always recommend you use a VPN while streaming IPTV to keep your identity safe and also to stay away from trackers. Most IPTVs don’t have the proper license to stream video content on their network, so your ISPs might block you. Thus by using the best VPN service like NordVPN or ProtonVP, you can access geo-blocked contents.

How to Stream Daily IPTV on Android Devices

1. Turn on the Android devices and search for GSE Smart IPTV on the Play Store.

2. Tap Install to download the GSE SMART IPTV app.


3. After installation, click Open to launch the IPTV Player app.

4. Now, tap the Plus icon in the Remote Playlists.

5. In the popup, click the M3U URL option.

Add M3U URL - Daily IPTV

6. Now, give the playlist a name and paste the Daily IPTV URL in the playlist link field.

7. Then, click the Add button and wait for the app to load the entire channels and contents.

8. Enjoy streaming your favorite live TV on your Android smartphone or tablet.

How to Watch Daily IPTV on iOS devices

1. Search for IPTV Smarters in the App Store.

2. Click the Get button to install the IPTV Smarters Player app.


3. Then, click Open to launch the IPTV Smarters app on your iPhone or iPad.

4. On the app’s home screen, fill in the required details that you received from your IPTV and click Add user.

Daily IPTV Details

5. Now, you can watch your Daily IPTV contents on your iOS devices.

How to Get Daily IPTV on Firestick

1. Power on the Firestick device and select the Search option.

2. Now, type VLC for Fire TV in the search box and click OK.

3. Select the VLC app from the search list.

4. Click the Get button.

Click Get button

5. VLC app will be installed, then click the Open button.

tap Open button

6. Navigate to Browsing -> Stream.

click Stream - Daily IPTV

7. Enter your unique Daily IPTV URL in the URL box and click Stream.

8. All your IPTV channels will be loaded, and then you start watching it on your Firestick.

How to Stream Daily IPTV on Mag Devices

1. Turn on the Mag device and click Settings on the home screen.

click settings - Daily IPTV

2. Under the Settings tab, click System settings.

3. Select Servers and click Portals on the next screen.

tap portals - Daily IPTV

4. Enter the portal name and URL in the respective boxes. Then, click the Save button.

enter Daily IPTV URL.

5. Now, reboot your device.

6. After the loading process is finished, you can watch Daily IPTV on your Mag device.

How to Watch Daily IPTV on Kodi

1. Open Kodi on the Streaming device and click TV.


2. Tap Enter add-on browser and select PVR IPTV Simple Client.

 PVR IPTV Simple Client.

3. Click the Install button.

4. Now, click Configure.


5. In the dialog box, click General and then M3U Play List URL.

 PVR IPTV Simple Client.

6. Copy and paste the Daily IPTV M3U URL and click OK.

7. If the entered URL is valid, then the configure button will be changed to Enable button.

8. Now, tap Enable button and start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Kodi.

How to Stream Daily IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

1. Start your PC and launch the web browser on the PC.

2. Go to the BlueStacks Official Website and download the BlueStacks .exe file.

Download BlueStacks

3. Install the BlueStacks emulator and launch the emulator on the PC.

Sign in to Google account

4. Choose Sign In and enter the Google account details for sign in.

5. Go to the Google Play Store and search for Rayo IPTV.

6. Install the Rayo IPTV and open the IPTV Player on the Windows or Mac PC.

7. Select Add Playlists option in the app and provide the M3U URL of the Daily IPTV.

8. Choose the TV channel to stream on the Windows or Mac PC.

How to Stream Daily IPTV on Smart TV

1. Power on the Smart TV and go to the Settings on the home screen.

Click Settings to stream Daily IPTV

2. Click the Device Preferences and select the Security & restrictions option.

3. Choose the Unknown sources and enable the option to install the apps.

select Unknown Sources

4. Launch the Web browser on the PC and download the IPTV Stream Player apk.

5. Transfer the Apk file to the Smart TV using the USB Drive.

Connect USB Drive to TV

6. Open the IPTV Apk file and install the IPTV Stream Player on the Smart TV.

7. Launch the IPTV Player app and type the M3U URL of the Daily IPTV to stream content on the TV.

Customer Support

Daily IPTV Customer support

Daily IPTV is a paid IPTV service, and hence their customer support is available 24×7. You can contact them through their website by clicking the Contact Us button in the header menu. In the Contact Us form, you have to enter your name, country, email, and your query. Other than the email support, there is no live chat or phone call support available on the IPTV.

Daily IPTV Review

Thus if you’re looking for an IPTV with over 12000 premium channels and is available to stream on multiple devices, then we recommend Daily IPTV. The Daily IPTV also has interesting on-demand movies and series for streaming anytime. As the trial pack is available, you can test the services beforehand. For more live TV channels, try Shack TV IPTV, Game Master IPTV, and Ghost IPTV.