Cosmos IPTV Review: How to Watch on Android, Kodi, and Smart TV

Cosmos IPTV

Cosmos IPTV is a familiar IPTV service provider with over 10,000+ channels, and they also offer some standard subscription plans. These plans start at $ 17.00 per month and have different channel categories like sports, international, entertainment, and more. You can get this on some popular devices, including Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Tablet, and any device with Android OS.

Why Should We Use VPN to Stream on Cosmos IPTV?

A VPN is a service that establishes a secure and private connection to the internet. This creates an encrypted tunnel to protect your data and communications and hides your IP address to avoid being traced by the service providers. This is used while streaming illegal sites; here, some IPTV services are considered illegal. So, make sure that the VPN is activated, which keeps you away from illegal actions. Some commonly used VPN services include Nord VPN or Express VPN.

Subscription Plans Available for Cosmos IPTV

1 monthover 10,000 channels one connection€14.00
3 monthsover 10,000 channelsone connection€30.00
6 monthsover 10,000 channelsone connection€50.00
12 monthsover 10,000 channelsone connection€70.00

How to Subscribe to Cosmos IPTV

1. First, open Cosmos IPTV’s official website using any default browser on your PC.

cosmos IPTV

2. On the Home screen, you can find all the Subscription plans.


3. Choose the subscription plan that you need from the following.

cosmos IPTV payment method

4. Select the Payment option and complete the process using Credit card/crypto payment.

5. Follow the on-screen instruction and complete the subscription process.

How to Watch Cosmos IPTV on Android

1. Go to the Settings option on your Android device.

2. Select the Security option, and click on the Install Unknown Apps option.

security option

3. Then, enable the toggle switch near the default browser to install the APK file.

install unknown apps to get Cosmos IPTV

4. Search for the Perfect Player app from the web browser.

5. Download and Install it from the bankable website and launch it.

6. Enter the app and add the Cosmos IPTV’s M3U URL.

7. Finally, you can start streaming the content you need.

How to Stream Cosmos IPTV on iOS device

1. Turn on your iOS device and search for the GSE Smart IPTV from the App Store.

2. Click on the Get option, and install the GSE Smart IPTV app.

3. Launch the application and click on the Load playlist or File/URL after installing.

enter m3u url of Cosmos IPTV

4. Enter the URL of the Cosmos IPTV and enjoy streaming your favorite content on the iOS device.

How to Watch Cosmos IPTV on PC

1. First, download the BlueStacks and install it on your PC.


2. Launch the BlueStacks application and sign in with your Google account.

google login

3. From the Home page, select the Google Play Store icon.

4. Now, tap the Search bar and search for the IPTV Smarters Player app.

5. Select the Install button to get the IPTV Player on your PC.

6. Open the IPTV Smarters and enter the M3U URL of the Cosmos IPTV you received in your mail.

7. Click on the Add Users option and enjoy streaming the channels you wish to watch.

How to Watch Cosmos IPTV on Smart TV

1. Install the Smart IPTV app from the official app Store of Smart TV.

2. Launch the app and note the MAC address from the TV screen.

3. Open the web browser on any device and enter the URL of the Smart IPTV on your browser.

4. Enter the MAC address of your Smart TV in the MAC address box.

5. Type the M3U URL of the Cosmos IPTV in the URL box.

m3u url of Cosmos IPTV

6. Select the check box and click on the Send button.

8. After this process, you need to restart the Smart IPTV app on your Smart TV.

9. Once the process gets over, you can start streaming the channels you like.

How to Stream Cosmos IPTV on Kodi device

1. Install the Kodi app on the Cosmos IPTV device and launch it.

2. Select the TV option from the menu and Choose Enter add-on browser.

tv option to get Cosmos IPTV

3. Click the PVR IPTV Simple Client option and choose Configure.

pvp iptv simple client

4. Choose the General option and select Location.

location to access Cosmos IPTV

5. Select the Remote path on the dropdown menu and hit OK.

click ok option

6. Enter the M3U URL of the Cosmos IPTV in the M3U Playlist URL tab and click OK.

7. Finally, select the Enable option and choose the channels to start streaming on Kodi.

How to Watch Cosmos IPTV on Formular device

1. Turn on your Formular device and launch the MyTV online app.

2. Note down the MAC address appearing on the device screen.

MAC address

3. Choose the Add portal option and type the Cosmos IPTV as the portal name.

add portal to get Cosmos IPTV

4. Now, enter the M3U URL of the Cosmos IPTV in the portal’s URL section.

5. Select Connect option to watch the channels you need.

tap the connect option

How to Stream Cosmos IPTV on MAG devices

1. Connect the MAG device and move to the Home screen.

2. Select the Settings option and the System settings option.

system settings to get Cosmos IPTV

3. Choose the Servers option and click on Portals.

4. Enter the Portals name and enter the M3U URL of Cosmos IPTV.


5. Select the Save option then the MAG devices will restart.

6. Finally, you can start streaming your favorite content.

How to Watch Cosmos IPTV on Firestick

1. Turn on the Firestick and connect it to your connection.

2. Click the Find tab from the Home screen.

find tab to access Cosmos IPTV

3. Move to the Search option and search for the Downloader app.

search for downloader

4. Select the Downloader application from the search result and tap the Get button to download it.

downloader option to get Cosmos IPTV

5. After this process, open the Settings option, select Five TV and move to My Fire TV.

my fire tv

6. Install the app and enable the toggle switch to access the downloader by selecting install unknown apps.

downloader to access Cosmos IPTV

7. Now, Launch the application on your device.

8. In the URL section, search for IPTV Blink Player.

m3u url of Cosmos IPTV

9. Click the Go option to download and install IPTV Blink Player.

10. Launch the app, then move to the Add playlists section.

11. Finally, enter the M3U URL of the Cosmos IPTV and start streaming.

How to Watch Cosmos IPTV on Enigma 2

1. Select the Settings > Setup > System Network device > Setup adapter > Settings options on your device.

2. Note down the IP address from the screen that appears.

3. Move to the web browser and search for Putty software.

4. Download the software from the official website and install it.

5. Launch the software and type the IP address in the given field, then Telenet.

6. Click the Open and set the Default Login as Root.


7. Now, enter the M3U URL of Cosmos IPTV and tap the Reboot option.

8. Choose Enter on your device; it will get restart.

9. After all processes, the content will be loaded you can start streaming the content you need.

Customer Support

If you have any issues or queries, you can get Customer support assistance 24/7 by filling out the online form and using the email address available on their website. If you are facing any issues, you can contact them and explain them clearly; they will help you fix the problem with some basic troubleshooting methods.


Cosmos IPTV is a service that has various channels, including live TV, Series, and movies. Also, this is compatible with popular streaming devices, and you can manage your favorites and has external player support. You can also try other IPTV services like Room IPTV, Rapid IPTV, Thunder TV IPTV, and more.