VentoX IPTV Review: How to Install on Android, Firestick, PC & Smart TV


The VentoX IPTV is the free and ideal solution for watching IPTV content like live TV and VOD content like movies & series directly on your Android devices. This app serves as a platform for displaying and playing your own device content also. Understandably, like other IPTV players, VentoX IPTV Player also does not supply any media content. So you have to integrate a playlist from your IPTV provider.

Why Choose VentoX IPTV

  • This player supports 4K content and has the option to switch audio between different languages.
  • VentoX IPTV player supports subtitles and video captions.
  • It supports playlists in M3U and Xtream Code API format.
  • Navigates effortlessly during live TV playback
  • Offers parental control to lock specific channels
  • Collect all your favorite channels in one place with the Universal Favorite section.
  • You can use its Universal Search feature to find movies, live TV, and shows easily
  • Provides external player support to play any videos
  • Offers Recent playlist feature to resume the content you watched before


As mentioned earlier, the application is available for free to download and use on any Android device.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream Content on VentoX IPTV

It is legal to use IPTV player apps for streaming licensed IPTV content. But streaming copyrighted content through VentoX IPTV is considered an illegal activity. However, most of the IPTV content is illegal and not properly licensed. So it is important to enable VPN whenever you want to stream IPTV content on VentoX IPTV. It helps you to bypass geo-restriction and allows you to stream restricted content in your region. When it comes to VPN options, both ExpressVPN and NordVPN are highly recommended as top choices.

How to Install VentoX IPTV on Android Devices

#1. Unlock your Android Smartphone and open the Play Store app.

#2. Search for VentoX IPTV using the virtual keyboard.

#3. Once you find it from the Play Store, Click Install to download the app on your Smartphone.

Install VentoX IPTV Player

#4. Then hit the Open button to launch the Ventox IPTV player.

#5. Now, add the playlist provided by your service provider.

#6. Thats it; Now start streaming your favorite IPTV channel on your Android phone.

How to Install VentoX IPTV on Firestick

#1. Connect your Firestick device to the internet.

#2. Hit the Search icon and type Downloader.

Select Search icon and type Downloader

#3. Search for the app and click Download to install it.

#4. Then, click the Settings icon and pick My Fire TV tile.

Hit My Fire TV

#5. Navigate to Developer Options and hit Install Unknown Apps.

#6. Select the Downloader app and turn on the feature.

Click Downloader

#7. Now, launch the Downloader app and head to the Home tab.

#8. Enter the VentoX IPTV APK URL into the empty field and click Go.

Enter VentoX IPTV APK link

#9. After downloading the APK, select it and click the Install option.

#10. After installation, open the VentoX IPTV player, upload the IPTV playlist and begin streaming its channels.

How to Install VentoX IPTV on Android Smart TV

#1. Download the VentoX IPTV APK from a reputable website. After downloading, transfer the apk file to a USB drive for installation.

#2. Then, connect the USB drive to your Smart TV and navigate to Settings.

#3. Head to the Device Preference option and select Security & restrictions.

#4. Select Unknown sources and toggle its switch.

#5. Then, move to Settings again and choose Apps option.

Select Apps

#6. Navigate to TV Guard and open the File Manager folder.

Choose TV Guard

#7. Select the Install from USB option and then select the VentoX IPTV APK file.

Click Install from USB

#8. Click the Install button and wait for the app to get installed completely.

#9. Finally, open it. Upload the Playlist and start streaming the IPTV content on Android Smart TV.

How to Install VentoX IPTV on a PC

#1. Launch the web browser on your Windows or Mac PC. Download the VentoX IPTV APK file from a trustable website.

#2. Then visit the official website of BlueStacks and download the Android emulator file.

#3. Then install BlueStacks, launch it, and log in to it using your Google account.

#4. Open the Play Store app on the BlueStacks and download the VentoX player.

Click Play Store

#5. Thats it. Now open the IPTV player and upload the M3U URL playlist.

#6. Start enjoying IPTV content on your PC via the BlueStacks app on your Windows or Mac PC.

Customer Support

There is no official website for the VentoX IPTV player. So, you cannot find a customer support option in case you are facing any working issues. However, you can post your queries in the comments section of the app on Play Store. You may also send an email to the developers regarding any issues you encounter.


We believe this app has the potential to become one of the top IPTV players that you can rely on. But it requires some enhancements and additional features. My suggestion would be to address the issues with subtitles and dual audio during live TV streaming. Apart from that, adding some better styles for listing channels and channel names would be great.

Alternatives to VentoX IPTV

In case VentoX IPTV doesn’t meet your needs, here are some alternative options you can consider.

Sparkle TV IPTV

Alternative for VentoX IPTV- Sparkle TV IPTV

Sparkle TV IPTV is one of the great choices for people who want a free IPTV player with tons of features. With Sparkle TV IPTV, you can load an M3U playlist, and also it has Xtream Codes credentials support. The most stand-out feature of Sparkle TV IPTV was the DVR feature, which lets you record your favorite content to watch later.


Alternative for VentoX IPTV- GSE Smart IPTV

GSE Smart IPTV is a highly regarded IPTV player that many users rely on. For a subscription fee of $4.99, you can enjoy access to Xtream Codes and M3U playlists on your device. Additionally, GSE Smart IPTV offers parental control features to ensure a safer and more appropriate viewing experience for younger audiences.


Alternative for VentoX IPTV- VLC

VLC is one of the popular options for IPTV players. It is an open-source media player application. It has support to stream IPTV content with the help of an M3U & M3U8 playlist. In addition, it has the capability to synchronize with multiple cloud storage services and can stream various file formats and links.