NoraGo IPTV: How to Install Android, Firestick, and Smart TV


IPTV TV has become a common TV service, just like a Cable TV network. IPTV service has now been accessed and used by millions of users all around the world. NoraGo IPTV is one of the popular IPTV services that provides over 800+ channels. You can watch almost all the local and national channels that are available in your region. To access all Nora Go content, you need a subscription plan. This guide will explore all the possible ways to sign up and install NoraGo IPTV on your device.

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How to Sign up for NoraGo IPTV

[1] Open any browser on your smartphone/PC.

[2] Visit the NoraGo IPTV store in your browser (URL:

[3] Select any plan from the store and click on Add to cart.

Pricing - NoraGo IPTV


  • 1 month subscription – 3 piece >> $20.96
  • 1 month subscription – 4 piece >> $24.96

[4] Now open the cart by clicking on the cart icon.

[5] Check the item in your cart and click on checkout to continue.

[6] Enter your personal details, password, and Email ID in the required fields.

Personal details

[7] Click on Continue to proceed further.

[8] Enter your payment information and select the Pay to proceed with payment.

[9] Once the payment is made, you will receive a mail with your provider ID, username, password, and pin number.

Note: Keep the mail safe and secure to avoid being misused and lost as it contains all the credentials to login along with the setup guides.

How to Install NoraGo IPTV on Smartphone – Android / iOS

[1] Open Play Store/App Store on your Android/iOS smartphone.

[2] Search for NoraGO in the store.

[3] Tap on Install/Get to download and install the app on your device.

[4] After the app is installed, run it on your device.

[5] Enter the Provider ID for NoraGo IPTV.

Provider ID - NoraGo IPTV

[6] Select the login mode (Username & password/Pin code).

Login mode - NoraGo IPTV

[7] Enter your Username & password/Pin code provided during sign up.

[8] Click on Submit.


[9] Start watching all your favorites channels, movies, and TV shows on NoraGo IPTV.

How to Install NoraGo IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

[1] Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.

[2] Using the remote, press the Home button on your Smart TV remote.

[3] From the tab that appears below, select the Apps tab.

Apps - Samsung smart TV

[4] Now click on the Search icon.

[5] Enter NoraGo in the virtual keyboard and click on Done.

Search - NoraGo IPTV

[6] You will be directed to the NoraGo app page.

[7] Click on Install to download and install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.


[8] After installation, open the app on your device.

[9] Login with the credentials provided during the signup process.

[10] Watch all your favorite channels, movies, and TV shows on NoraGo IPTV.

How to Install NoraGo IPTV on LG Smart TV

[1] Turn on your LG Smart TV.

[2] Press the Home button in your LG smart remote.

[3] Select the LG Content Store tab that appears below.

LG Content store

[4] Now click on the Search icon.

Search - NoraGo IPTV

[5] Enter NoraGo in the virtual keyboard and press Done.

[6] Click on Install to install the app on your device.


[7] Once the installation is completed, open the NoraGo app on your device.

[8] Login with the credentials (username and password) provided while signup.

[9] Start watching all your favorite channels, movies, and TV shows on NoraGo.

How to Download NoraGo IPTV on Windows PC

[1] Open any browser on your Windows PC.

[2] Enter/paste the URL: on your PC.

[3] Now click on save to download So player.exe.

[4] Once downloaded, install the app on your device.

[5] Open the app on your device.

[6] Enter the provider ID, username, and password of the NoraGo IPTV

So player for PC

[7] Start streaming all your favorite content on NoraGo IPTV.

How to Sideload NoraGo IPTV on Firestick

[1] Turn on your Fire TV device.

[2] Click on Settings from the Home screen.


[3] Under settings, select My Fire TV/Device settings.

My fire TV

[4] Choose Developer Options.

Developer options

[5] Select ADB debugging and turn it on.

ADB Debugging

[6] Also, Turn on Apps from Unknown Source that is found below ADB Debugging.

Turn on

[7] On your smartphone, open the Play Store app.

[8] Download and install Apps2Fire on your smartphone.

[9] Open the Apps2Fire app on your smartphone.

[10] Tap on the kebab (menu) icon from the top right corner.

[11] Select the Setup option from the menu.


[12] Click on Search Fire TV’s button.

Search for Fire TV's

Note: Make sure both the smartphone and Fire TV devices are connected to the same WiFi Network.

[13] Select your Fire TV device from the list that appears below.

[14] After that, A pop-up will appears on the screen.

[15] Click on OK to allow USB debugging.

Allow USB Debugging

[16] Now move on to the Local Apps section in your Apps2Fire app.


[17] Tap on the NoraGo app and click on Install.

NoraGo IPTV - Install

[18] Wait for the apk to upload and install.

NoraGo - wait

[19] Once the installation completed, you will receive a successfully installed message on both devices.

[20] Now open the NoraGo app from your Fire TV apps list.

[21] Enter the Provider ID and click on Submit.

[22] Select any login mode and enter the credentials required

[23] Click on Submit, and you will get the NoraGo IPTV video content on Firestick.

If you don’t have an Android smartphone, download the Downloader app on your device and enter the URL: to download and install NoraGo IPTV Apk. Open the app and login with your IPTV credentials to watch on NoraGo IPTV.


As NoraGo is available as a standalone app for several common devices, it is easy to install and stream it. So start streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, and channels on the NoraGo IPTV. If you have any doubts about NoraGo IPTV, make use of the comment section below. PlayersKlub IPTV, Eastern IPTV are some of the alternatives for NoraGo IPTV.