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Marvel IPTV Review: Watch 7000+ Live Channels in HD

If you are a fan of IPTV providers and services, you would have come to know that the IPTV is the cheapest and the best platform to watch live TV & on-demand content. There are different types of IPTV providers available, one that provides IPTV contents with a built-in video player, one that provides video player to stream IPTV contents, and the one that providers IPTV contents alone. Marvel IPTV comes under the third category.

Marvel IPTV provides only live TV channels and on-demand content. In the IPTV, you will get more than 7000 live channels with EPG, 8000+ on-demand contents, and catchup shows. All the channels are available in SD, HD, & FHD quality. You can choose the video quality based on your preferences. By using any of the IPTV Video Player, you can stream Marvel IPTV’s video content.

How to Sign Up for Marvel IPTV

(1) Go to the Marvel IPTV website (

Marvel IPTV

(2) Scroll down to the Subscriptions section. There are three subscriptions available, $30 for three months (Bronze Package), $45 for six months (Silver Package), and $70 for twelve months (Golden Package). Choose your preferred subscription.


(3) The best thing about Marvel IPTV is that it will allow users to access the Free Trial and then the subscription. It offers two types of free trials.

(4) A hourly free trial – You can test the IPTV service with the one-hour free trial. For this free trial, you need to specify your name, email ID, and country.

Marvel IPTV

(5) For the one week trial, you need to buy a gift card from the website and use the gift code.

Marvel IPTV

(6) After exhausting the free trial, you can pay for the subscription.

(7) After the payment is completed, you will get the M3U link to your registered mail ID. You can use the M3U link on any of the video players to watch the Marvel IPTV channels and on-demand contents.

How to Use VLC Media Player on PC to Stream Marvel IPTV Contents

(1) Open the VLC Media Player app on your PC.

(2) Go to the Media and choose the Stream option. You can also press Ctrl + S.

Media option

(3) The Open Media dialog box will open. Click on the Network tab.

Network tab

(4) Now, enter the M3U link of Marvel IPTV in the Please enter a network URL box. Then, click on the Stream button at the bottom.

Marvel IPTV

(5) The VLC Media Player will take a few minutes to load the IPTV channels.

Marvel IPTV

How to Use VLC Media Player on Smartphone to Stream Marvel IPTV Contents

(1) Open the VLC Media Player app on your smartphone.

(2) Click the Hamburger icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Marvel IPTV

(3) Tap on the Stream option.

Stream option

(4) It will ask you to enter the link. Type the M3U URL from the subscription, and click Enter.

Marvel IPTV

(5) Now, you will get all the Marvel TV contents on your smartphones.

You can also use other IPTV Video Players like GSE SMART IPTV and Smart IPTV app to stream Marvel IPTV.

Customer Support

Marvel IPTV

Marvel IPTV has a lot of ways to contact them. They have a live chat, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and Support Page. On the Support page, you can submit your query, and you will get a reply from within two-three business days. The live chat is also great. The maximum queue position you can get is two. Overall, customer support is top-notch.


Marvel IPTV offers more than 7000 TV channels and 8000 on-demand content. If you are okay with using a third-party video player app, you can go for this IPTV without second thoughts. If you want an IPTV provider with a built-in video player, you need to look for alternatives like Gears Reloaded IPTV and Players Klub IPTV.

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