IPTV on Xbox One & Xbox 360: How to Install and Watch [Updated]

Install IPTV on Xbox one & Xbox 360

Are you searching for a way to watch IPTV on Xbox One & Xbox 360? Then, you came to the right place. On your Xbox console, you can access the Microsoft Store. In the store, you can find a lot of IPTV players. So, you just have to install the IPTV player app and add the M3U URL you received from your IPTV provider to watch the IPTV content on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

Is VPN Necessary in Streaming IPTV on Xbox

Yes, it is always recommended to connect to a VPN on your Xbox console before streaming the IPTV content. The reason is that most of the IPTV service providers offer live TV channels and on-demand content without proper licensing. So, streaming such content on your Xbox console may cause you legal trouble. You can avoid these types of issues by connecting your Xbox consoles to premium VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch IPTV on Xbox [Any Model]

There are two ways to Watch IPTV on your Xbox console. They are:

Watch IPTV on Xbox By Installing the MyIPTV Player App

MyIPTV Player is the best option you have left now to add the playlist files to watch the IPTV content. So, follow the step-by-step process below to install the MyIPTV Player app and watch the IPTV content on your Xbox.

1. Turn on your Xbox console-connected TV.

2. From your Xbox console’s home screen, hit the Apps tab.

3. Search for MyIPTV Player using the virtual keyboard and select the app from the search results.

Select MyIPTV Player

4. Next, hit the Install button to install the MyIPTV Player on your Xbox console.

Install MyIPTV Player

5. After installing the MyIPTV Player app, launch it.

6. Under the Manage playlist and EPG section, select the Add new playlist and EPG source option.

Select Add new playlist and EPG source

7. Scroll down to the Remote Channel list section.

8. Enter your channel list name and the M3U URL you received from your IPTV provider in the required field.

Enter the playlist URL

9. Next, hit the Add remote list button.

10. After that, go to the Program guide section and add the EPG guide file, if any.

Add EPG guide

11. After the process, go back to Settings.

12. From the Select Channel playlist section, choose the playlist file you have added earlier and hit the Refresh button.

Choose your playlist

13. Now, all the IPTV content from your provider will start to load on the MyIPTV Player app.

14. After the process, select the Channels tab and start to stream your favorite IPTV content.

Watch IPTV on Xbox

Important Note: You can also enable the features below for the best IPTV streaming experience:

  • Scroll down from Settings and go to the Channel and EPG Settings.
  • Make sure to enable the Refresh remote channel list on app launch and Download EPG when no data available on current date.
Enable the option

This will help you update the channel list and the EPG guide automatically when you launch the MyIPTV Player app.

Watch IPTV on Xbox 360 and One Using Kodi

Kodi is a media player app that is available on Kodi. Also, you can add the M3U playlist URLs on Kodi with the help of the PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon. So, with the steps below, you can easily watch IPTV on your Xbox consoles using the Kodi app.

1. Download and install Kodi on your Xbox console.

Install IPTV on Xbox one & Xbox 360

2. After installation, launch the Kodi app and select the TV option from the left pane.


3. Click on OK to the No PVR add-on enabled pop-up.


4. Now click on Enter Add-on browser from the center of the screen.

Install IPTV on Xbox one & Xbox 360

5. From the list of options, select Install from repository.

Install from Repository

6. Next, click on the All repositories option.

All repositories

8. Scroll down and select PVR Clients.

Select PVR Clients

9. After that, locate and select the PVR IPTV Simple Client option.

PVR IPTV Simple Client

10. Click on the Install button from the bottom right corner.

Hit the Install button

11. Once the installation is complete, select the Configure button.


12. Select the General tab from the left pane and choose the M3U Play List URL option

M3U Playlist

13. Now, enter the M3U Playlist link URL that you got from your IPTV provider on the required field and hit the OK button.

Install IPTV on Xbox one & Xbox 360

14. On the next screen, hit the OK button from the upper right corner.

Select OK

15. Now, make sure that the PVR IPTV Simple Client Addon is Enabled.


16. Restart the Kodi app and hit the TV option from the left pane.

Select TV

17. Now, select the Channels tile.

Select Channels

18. Now, you can enjoy streaming your favorite live TV channels and on-demand content on your Xbox.

Watch IPTV on Xbox

Best IPTV Providers for Xbox Consoles

You need an M3U Playlist link to stream the IPTV content. You can get the M3U playlist by subscribing to an IPTV service provider. In case you haven’t subscribed to any of the IPTV providers, we have handpicked the best IPTV service providers for you.

1. Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV - Watch IPTV on Xbox

Xtreme HD IPTV is one of the best IPTV providers that offer 20000+ live TV channels and 10000+ on-demand content. Some of the features offered by Xtreme HD IPTV are:

  • Uses Anti-Freezing technology to offer users buffer-free IPTV streaming.
  • Offers all the IPTV content in HD & FHD quality.
  • Extensive 24/7 customer support is offered to all its users.

Subscription Plans: $15.99 per month and $45.99 for 3 months.

Website: https://xtremehdiptv.org/

2. Fluxus IPTV

Fluxus IPTV is one of the best IPTV providers that offer a lot of M3U playlists for free. It has playlist links to stream English channels, Spanish channels, and Arabic channels. So, Fluxus IPTV will be a great choice for you if you want free M3U playlist links.

Fluxus IPTV - Watch IPTV on Xbox

That’s all, guys! You can subscribe to any of these IPTV service providers mentioned above and stream the IPTV content on Xbox using the MyIPTV Player or Kodi.