The Cable Guy IPTV: How to Install on Android, Firestick, PC

The Cableguy IPTV

IPTV is considered the future of streaming. If you want to stream live TV channels or any movies, you should go for an IPTV. You wouldn’t need a cable or satellite TV service provider to stream the contents. IPTV will offer the contents over the internet. It is fun to have streaming on the internet and similar to streaming from Netflix or Amazon Prime. Let us see more about The Cable Guy IPTV.

The Cable Guy IPTV is one of the IPTV service providers that offers 3600+ live TV channels and various movies on demand to stream. It is one of the most reliable options that offer stable IPTV service. All the contents are available on HD and UHD quality to stream. You can enjoy the content on various streaming devices like Android, PCs, and smart TVs. The IPTV service is available in countries like Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian.

How to Sign Up The Cable Guy IPTV

1. Go to The Cable Guy IPTV official site.

2. Click on the Purchasing IPTV list on the menu.

Home Screen

3. Select the plan that you want to purchase and click on the Add to Cart button.

Sign up for IPTV

4. On the next screen, click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

5. Enter your Payment Information and then check the box near I am not a robot.

6. Now, click on the Order button, and you will get the IPTV details in your mail.

Payment - The Cable Guy IPTV

Get a VPN for IPTV

It is safer to use a VPN in order to protect your online privacy and security. Using a VPN will hide your IP address, thus saving the device and will stay anonymous. You can try few VPN services like ExpressVPN or IPVanish VPN.

How to Watch The Cable Guy IPTV on Android Devices

1. Launch the Play Store app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

2. Search and install the Net IPTV on your device.

3. Launch the Net IPTV app and click on the Info tab.

4. You can find the MAC address of your device there.

5. Go to

6. Scroll to the Upload URL and enter The Cable Guy IPTV M3U URL.

Add M3U URL to Net IPTV

7. Then, click on the Add List and confirm you are not a robot.

8. Now, go to the Net IPTV app, and you can stream the IPTV channels.

How to Stream The Cable Guy IPTV on Smart TV

1. Instal the SMART IPTV app on your Samsung or LG smart TV or on Android TV.

Smart TV

2. Launch the Smart IPTV app and note down the MAC Address.

3. Now, go to

4. Enter the MAC Address of your TV.

The Cable Guy IPTV

5. Then, enter the M3U URL provided by The Cable Guy on the URL field.

6. Check the box near the Save Online box.

7. Now, click on the I Am Not A Robot checkbox.

Add M3U URL to Smart IPTV

8. Finally, click Send, and the app on your TV will loading the contents.

9. Now, you can stream IPTV content on your Smart TV.

How to Get The Cable Guy IPTV on Firestick

1. Turn on your Amazon Firestick and click on the Find option.

Download Downloader on Firestick

2. On the search screen, type Downloader.

The Cable Guy IPTV

3. Select the Downloader app from the search results.

Downloader - The Cable Guy IPTV

4. Click on the Download or Get button.

Download Downloader on Firestick

5. Go back to the Firestick home screen and click on Settings.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

6. On the settings screen, choose My Fire TV.

7. Click on the Install Unknown Apps.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

8. Then, enable the toggle near the Downloader app.

Enable Unknown Sources on Firestick

9. Launch the Downloader app and click on the URL field.

Downloader App on Firestick

10. Now, type the Perfect Player IPTV URL and click on the Go button.

11. Now, install the Perfect Player IPTV app on your Firestick.

Perfect IPTV on Firestick

12. Open the Perfect IPTV app and click on the Settings option.

Perfect IPTV on Firestick

13. From the Settings screen, navigate to the General.

Perfect IPTV - The Cable Guy IPTV

14. Now, choose the Playlist option.

Perfect IPTV - The Cable Guy IPTV

15. Enter The Cable Guy IPTV M3U URL link in the provided field.

Perfect IPTV -The Cable Guy IPTV

16. Then, activate the Channels group. Go to Settings > GUI > active Show channels group as folders.

17. Now, go back to the home screen. You can find all the channels and VOD will be loaded.

How to Watch The Cable Guy IPTV on PC

1. Install VLC Media Player on your Windows PC or Mac.

2. Click on the Media from the top menu option.

3. Then, choose the Open Network option. (Simply press Ctrl + N in Windows or Command + N in Mac OS X)

VLC Media Player - The Cable Guy IPTV

4. On the provided text field, paste The Cable Guy IPTV M3U URL.

5. Click on the Play button, and the channels will start loading.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The Cable Guy IPTV does offer customer support. Go to their website and click on the Contact Us button on their home screen. You can post the questions with your name and other contact details. It is a 24-hour service, so you can post anytime, and they will get back to you. You can also contact them via email at [email protected].


You can get 3600+ live TV channels with The Cable Guy IPTV, and their cost is considerably low. It also offers various movies. All the videos of VOD and live can be streamed in HD quality too. So if you are looking for a simple option, you could try this IPTV service. Also, check out other IPTV providers like IPTVDROID or Chicago IPTV.