TFC IPTV Review: Stream 1000+ Contents on Android, Firestick, Roku

As the cost of cable TV gets higher, IPTV came as a cord cutter with exciting plans and content that no other traditional cable network could provide. TFC (The Filipino Channel) is a popular IPTV service offering over 1000+ movies, Live channels, Rent movies, and many more. Also, it has access to almost all Filipino contents like Filipino movies and series. If you are bored using cable TV and looking for an alternative, then TFC IPTV can be the best choice. So let’s check out how to sign up and access TFC IPTV on your device.

Why I need a VPN to use IPTV?

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Available devices

TFC TV is available as a native app for Android, iOS, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and can also be accessed on Firestick, Nvidia shield, and Web Browser.

How to Sign up for TFC IPTV

[1] Open the browser app on your smartphone/PC and visit the URL:

[2] Click on Plans from the top menu panel.

Plans - TFC IPTV

[3] Select your plan from the list of available plans.


  • Free – $0 per month (with ads and some limitations).
  • Premium – $12.99 per month along with a 1-month free trial. (No ads and access to all content on TFC TV)

[4] Now, create an account for free on TFC TV by entering your Email ID and Password.

[5] Once entered, click on Create my Free account.

Note: You can also log in with your Facebook account on TFC TV.

Create a free account - TFC IPTV
Place order - TFC IPTV

[6] A verification mail will be sent to the mail ID provided. Click on the link.

[7] Now, your account will be successfully verified to buy your subscription plan.

[8] Enter your details like name, address, and mail ID in the required fields.

[9] Also, enter your payment details to make payment.

[10] Click on Place order. Once the payment is made, your subscription plan will be activated immediately.

[11] Now, you can log in to TFC IPTV and start watching.

How to Install TFC IPTV on Smartphones – Android and iOS

[1] Open Play Store/App Store on your smartphone.

[2] Download and install the iWantTFC TV app on your Android / iOS device.

[3] After installation, open the app on the installed device.

[4] Click Login on the bottom of the screen.


[5] Enter your TFC TV login credentials (Email ID and Password) and click on Login (if needed, check-in Keep me logged in box).

Enter your credentials

[6] That’s it. Now, you can watch all the movies and channels available on TFC TV IPTV.


How to Watch TFC TV on Web Browser

[1] Open any browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

[2] Visit site from your browser.

[3] Click on Login from the top right corner.

Login  - TFC IPTV

[4] Enter your TFC IPTV account login credentials (Email ID and password).


[5] Now, you can stream all contents available with TFC IPTV on Windows and Mac PC.

TFC IPTV - web player

How to Install TFC TV on Roku

[1] Turn on your Roku device and press the home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Navigate to the Search icon in the menu.

[3] Type and search for iWantTFC using the search bar.

[4] Click on Add channel to install iWantTFC on your Roku device.

[5] Once the channel is added, open it.

[6] Click on Sign in, and there are two ways to watch TFC TV.

TFC IPTV - roku

Login using credentials

[6] Enter your Email ID and password of the TFC TV.

[7] Click on Login and start watching all the contents of TFC IPTV.

Login using Activation code

[6] Make a note of the activation code that appears on your Roku screen.

[7] Open any browser on the smartphone or PC.

[8] Visit the URL: on your browser.

[9] Enter the Activation Code in the required field.

[10] Click on Activate, and now, your Roku device will be logged in.

Roku activation

[11] At last, you can watch all the available content on TFC IPTV.

How to Watch TFC TV on Samsung Smart TV

[1] Turn on your Samsung Android TV and press the home button on the TV remote.

[2] In the Samsung Smart Hub, navigate to Apps and search for iWantTFC using the search bar.

[3] Download and install the iWantTFC app on your Samsung Android TV.

[4] After installation, open the app.

[5] Click on Sign in and select either way to login.

TFC IPTV - samsung Smart tv

Login with credentials

[6] Enter your Email ID and password for TFC TV.

[7] Click on Login and start watching all your favorite movies and channels on TFC TV.

Login with Activation code

[6] Make a note of the Activation code that appears on the screen.

[7] Open any browser on your PC.

[8] Visit and paste the code in the required field.

[9] Click on Activate to activate the TFC account on your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV activation

[10] Now, you have logged in to the TFC IPTV, so start streaming all your favorite content.

How to Install and Stream TFC IPTV on Fire TV Stick

[1] Connect and turn on your Firestick device.

[2] Select Settings from the Home screen.


[3] Navigate to the My Fire TV/ Device option.

My fire TV

[4] Select Developer options under device settings.

Developer options

[5] In developer options, select Apps from unknown sources.

Apps from unknown sources - TFC IPTV

[6] Turn on Apps from unknown sources.

Turn on

[7] Get back to the Fire TV home screen and select the Search icon.

search icon

[8] Search and install the Downloader App on your Fire TV Stick.

[9] Launch the app and enter/paste the URL: in the Downloader URL tab.


[10] Click on Go to start downloading the iWantTFC apk.

[11] Once downloaded, install the apk on your device.

[12] Open the app after the installation process.

[13] Now, click on Login from the bottom of the screen.

TFC IPTV - login

[14] Enter your TFC IPTV login credentials.

TFC IPTV - Fire TV stick

[15] Click on Login and start streaming TFC TV IPTV on Firestick.

How to Retrieve/Reset TFC TV Password

[1] Open the TFC TV site on your browser.

[2] Click Login from the top right corner of the page.

Login - TFC IPTV

[3] Click on Forget password below the password field.

Forget password

[4] Enter your TFC TV registered Email ID or Mobile number.

Enter email ID - TFC IPTV

[5] Click on Submit, and you will receive a mail to reset your password.

[6] Now, Click on reset password from the received mail.

reset password

[7] Type in your new password and click Submit.

Submit- TFC IPTV

[8] That’s all. Your password has been changed successfully. Now, log in with the Email ID and the changed password.


TFC IPTV is available on the commonly used devices as a native app, so it is simple to install and watch all the TFC contents. If you have any doubts regarding TFC IPTV, make use of the comment section below. For more IPTV updates, explore

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