Pristine IPTV: Set-top Box and App Installation Guide

Pristine IPTV
Pristine IPTV

Live TV, Movies, TV shows, and Series are the most popular form of entertainment which people enjoy from their home. To watch those content online, there are various streaming services out there like Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. All the streaming services are asking a lot of money as a subscription price. But with the IPTV service, you will get all kinds of entertainment with ease. Let’s see how to install and access Pristine IPTV.

Pristine is a premium IPTV streaming service that offers a huge library of high-quality Movies, TV shows, Live TV, and many more. The IPTV offers a variety of plans to choose from. Also, the IPTV has its own set-top box with the pre-installed streaming application. Let’s see in detail about the IPTV app and its set-top box.

How to Sign Up for Pristine IPTV

[1] Go to the Pristine IPTV website on your PC or smartphone.

[2] Go to the Our Service section, choose any of the available plans and click on Subscribe Now.

Pristine IPTV

[3] Your plan will be added to the cart. You either continue shopping or click on Proceed to Checkout.

Proceed to checkout

Note: If you have any Coupon code apply it before checking out from the cart.

[4] Now, login with your Pristine IPTV username and password if you have or just click on Skip Login.


[5] Next, enter all the required billing details like address, email ID, phone number, etc., and click on Next.

Pristine IPTV

[6] Add any additional note for shipping if required, or just click on Next.

[7] Check and confirm your order details on the next screen and then click on the Next button.

Pristine IPTV

[8] Here, agree to the terms & conditions and make your payment by click on Proceed to PayPal.

Pristine IPTV

[9] Complete your payment via PayPal to receive the IPTV credential via mail.

Use VPN when Streaming IPTV

Most of the IPTV content you stream is not intended for any copyright law. So it is important to have an active VPN service to avoid being tracked and monitored online. VPN service like NordVPN or ExpressVPN helps you to be completely anonymous over the internet. Get a subscription from any of these VPNs to protect your privacy.

How to Install Pristine IPTV on Android Devices

[1] Install the Pristine IPTV app on your Android smartphone or tablet using the link provided via mail.

[2] After installation, launch the IPTV app.

[3] Log in with your IPTV credentials.

[4] Start streaming all the IPTV content on your Android device.

How to Watch Pristine IPTV on Firestick

[1] Click on the Find option on the menu bar and choose the Search tile.


[2] Search and install the Downloader app.

Pristine IPTV

[3] After installation, click on the Settings.

Pristine IPTV

[4] Go to My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps >> Downloader >> Turn on.

Pristine IPTV

[5] Now, launch Downloader and enter the Pristine IPTV download URL.

Pristine IPTV

[6] Then, click on the Go button.

[7] After that, click the Install button followed by the Open button.

[8] Enter the IPTV credentials in the respective field.

[9] Stream your favorite IPTV content.

How to Stream Pristine IPTV on PC

[1] Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.

[2] Download the Pristine IPTV apk file on your PC using the download link.

[3] Launch the app and click on the Kebab icon next to Installed Apps.

[4] Choose the Install apk option from the menu.

Install apk

[5] Locate the IPTV apk file on your PC and click on Open.

[6] Wait for the app to install inside the BlueStacks emulator.

[7] Once installed, launch the IPTV app and log in with the credentials.

[8] Now, you can start streaming IPTV videos on your PC.

Pristine IPTV Set Top Box

Pristine has its own IPTV set-top box to install and access the IPTV directly on your TV. Connect the set-top box to the HDMI port of your TV and start streaming. It comes with all the needed applications to stream IPTV videos. The set-top box price starts from $108 per month and has features like 4K streaming, Built-in Play Store, 2TB hard disk, Support 3D gamming, Kodi, and many more.

Customer Care Support

Pristine IPTV offers fast customer care support to resolve all kinds of issues faced. You can go to the Contact Us section to submit the form. In the form, you need to specify your name, email, and your issues. You can also directly contact consumer support using the mail id, [email protected]. You’ll get a reply from the executives soon.


These are some of the possible ways to install and access Pristine IPTV on your device. You can choose either app installation or set-top box and start streaming live TV content. If you have any queries with the IPTV app, let us know in the comments below. For more IPTV providers, check out the Shack TV IPTV and Flash IPTV.