Infomir IPTV: How to Setup IPTV Set-Top Box

Infomir IPTV

Infomir has been in the line of developing and manufacturing IPTV set-top boxes under MAG since 2001. It is an EU-based company that is known for its reliability and cost-efficiency. Infomir offers both free and paid OTT services, including Pay-per-view. They have contents that are aggravated by more than 150 countries that have 450 OTT content, both live and on-demand. Infomir manufactures Android and Linux-based IPTV set-top boxes. They are designed in a way that can be used easily with a simple and intuitive interface.

How to Buy Infomir IPTV Set-top Box

1. Go to the Infomir IPTV official site (

2. Navigate to click on the Products link at the top and choose whether to buy an Android-based or Linux-based box.

Buy Infomir IPTV Box

3. Then, select the device model you would like to buy.

4. Now, click on the Pre Order button.

Buy Infomir IPTV Box

5. Select the solution whether you are buying the product for business or personal use.

Product Request - Infomir IPTV

6. Input your email on the field provided and click Continue on the following screen.


7. In the following screen, select your Country.


8. Choose the product details you want to purchase and click Submit.

Buy Infomir IPTV Box

9. Your request gets processed, and you will be contacted with the email provided.

Buy Infomir IPTV Box

Why Need a VPN to Stream IPTV?

Infomir is basically a set-top box, and you might not need a VPN to stream the contents. But in order to protect your online security from hackers and trackers, you should use a VPN. It will hide your IP address and make you stay anonymous on the internet. So make sure to use a premium VPN like CyberGhost VPN and NordVPN.

Specifications of Infomir IPTV Box

Android-Based Box

Specifications MAG500AMAG425A
Dimensions120*78*21 mm115*115*28 mm
Flash Memory16 GB eMMc8 GB
OSAndroid 9.0 and aboveAndroid 8.0 and above
Video Streaming4K and UHD 4K and UHD
PortsEthernet, USB, HDMI.Ethernet, USB, HDMI.
WiFi supportYesYes
RemoteIR remote with Voice ControlIR remote with Voice Control
Apps7000+ Apps from Google Play Store7000+ Apps from Google Play Store
Sound QualityDolby Digital Atmos Plus SoundDolby Digital Atmos Plus Sound
Other FeaturesHEVC support, in-built Chromecast, Google Assistant, and pre-installed apps.HEVC support, in-built Chromecast, Google Assistant, and pre-installed apps.

Linux-Based Box

Specifications MAG520MAG524MAG420MAG424
Dimensions120*78*21 mm115*115*28 mm132*87*26 mm115*115*28 mm
Flash Memory4 GB eMMc4 GB eMMc512 MB8 GB
OSLinux 4.9Linux 4.9Linux 4.4.35Linux 4.4.35
Video Streaming4K/HEVC support4K/HEVC supportHEVC/4K support4K/HEVC support
WiFi supportWi-Fi Dual-band a/b/g/n/ac 2×2Wi-Fi Dual-band a/b/g/n/ac 2×2Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/nWi-Fi Dual-band a/b/g/n/ac 2×2
RemoteUser-Friendly IRUser-Friendly IRUser-Friendly IRUser-Friendly IR
Appspre-installed Linux apps pre-installed Linux appspre-installed Linux appspre-installed Linux apps
Sound QualityDolby Digital Atmos Plus SoundDolby Digital Atmos Plus SoundDolby Digital Atmos Plus SoundDolby Digital Atmos Plus Sound

How to Setup Infomir IPTV

1. Connect the IPTV Set-top to the HDMI port of the TV using the HDMI cable.

2. Then, connect the device to a power source.

3. If you have a LAN, connect the Ethernet port or make sure to keep the device connected to the WiFi network.

4. Turn on your TV and proceed with the TV input method to the HDMI port.

5. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup.

6. Stream your favorite IPTV content on your Smart TV.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Infomir IPTV offers customer support round the clock on all days or 24*7. You can contact them via their website. Click on the Contact button to select whether you need technical support or Warranty service and other PR and communications department. You can also call them to the respective country numbers from Ukraine +38 (048) 740-6-740, Germany +49 (6196) 204 83 18, USA +1 (631) 482 66 36, and UAE +971 (56) 621-34-55.


Infomir IPTV set-top box is one of the best and most affordable options to stream all your favorite content around 150 countries. It features more advanced set-top boxes with extensive customer support. Moreover, the most important applications are pre-installed on the device. You can also check out the best IPTV set-top box providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infomir legal?

Informir IPTV box is legal to use as long as you stream titles from legal sources.

How to resolve Infomir IPTV not working issue?

You can contact the customer support team to get resolved of any issue including the technical problems.

Can I get Infomir IPTV subscription?

The official website doesn’t include details about subscription. However, it better to contact the customer care to know further details.