IPTV Express: How to Install on Android, Firestick, Smart TV

IPTV Express

Most IPTVs services bring video-on-demand, live TV, and time-shifted IPTV content. They are the best option to replace any costlier streaming services. IPTV services are available in great numbers, and choosing one among them isn’t a straightforward task. IPTV Express is a reliable option with lots of channel support. You can access sports, news, kids, movies, VOD, etc.

Moreover, IPTV Express is available at an affordable price and supports SD, HD, and 4K quality channels. You can stream up to 4000 channels in different languages. It comes with the EPG guide and the time shift option. Let’s see how to sign up and how to get the IPTV app.

How to Sign Up for IPTV Express

(1) Visit the official website of IPTV Express from your browser.

(2) Go to the Subscription section.

(3) Select the plan that would go well for your entertainment needs.

(4) Provide the required info on the payment portal.

(5) Select the mode of payment.

(6) Once the payment is successful, the IPTV log-in credentials will be mailed to you.

Advantages of VPN While Streaming IPTV

With a VPN, your identity, like location, IP address, etc., will be hidden. Your ISP, government, and IPTV providers cannot track your data. With a VPN, your personal details will stay private from the prying eyes. You can connect to any servers across the world, and you will not find any geo-restrictions. Buy a subscription from any premium VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

How to Stream IPTV Express Android Devices

(1) Launch Play Store on your Android device.

(2) Click on the search field and enter as STB Emulator.

Search for STB Emulator

(3) Select the same when the list of suggestions appears at the bottom.

(4) On the next window, click the STB Emulator tile.

(5) When directed to the app info screen, click Install.

Install STB Emulator

(6) After the installation, select Open to launch it.

Open STB Emulator - IPTV Express

(7) Go to Settings and choose Common Settings.

(8) Click on the Network Settings option.

Network Settings - IPTV Express

(9) Tap the check box next to Enable Network Cache.

(10) Choose Profile and click on the Profile Name.

(11) Enter the profile name along with the server name and color. Press OK.

(12) Select Portal Settings and click Portal URL.

Portal URL

(13) Remove the existing URL with your IPTV provider link and press OK.

(14) Navigate to the previous screen and click STB configuration.

STB Configuration - IPTV Express

(15) Select MAC Address and provide the MAC Address of your device.

Mac Address - IPTV Express

(16) Press the OK button and navigate back to the STB Emulator’s home screen.

(18) Restart the app. You will get 4000+ live TV channels on your Android smartphone or tablet.

How to Install IPTV Express on Firestick

Since IPTV Express is available as an Android apk, you can install it on Firestick as well.

(1) With Fire TV turned on, navigate on the menu bar to choose Settings.

(2) Navigate to the right and click on the My Fire TV.

My Fire TV - IPTV Express

(3) On the next screen, highlight and select the Developer options.

Developer options

(4) When you see Apps from Unknown Sources as Off, select it to enable it.

Apps from Unknown Sources

(5) Click Turn On if your Fire TV shows the warning message.

Turn On

Install IPTV Express on Firestick using Downloader

(1) Hover to the menu bar and click on the Magnifier icon.

(2) Using the virtual keys, you should input as Downloader. Select it when the suggestions appear.

Search for Downloader

(3) On the next screen, click the Downloader tile to proceed.

Click Downloader

(4) You should now select the Get icon to begin its download.

Get Downloader - IPTV Express

(5) After the installation, press Open to launch it.

Open - IPTV Express

(6) Wait for the Downloader to launch on Fire TV. Click on the URL field under the Home tab.

Downloader Home - IPTV Express

(7) Provide the URL of the IPTV Express and tap on the GO button.

(8) Wait for the IPTV Express apk to finish its download process. Press Install.

(9) After the installation, click Open to launch it.

(10) Enter the log-in details to sign in to your account. Then, stream the live TV channels from the IPTV Express on your Firestick

How to Get IPTV Express on Kodi Add-On

Kodi users can install IPTV Express as an add-on. The steps below will help you with the same. Make sure you follow the guidelines after installing Kodi app on your device. You can install the Kodi app from the website.

(1) Open Kodi and select the Add-ons option from the left sidebar.

(2) Select My Add-ons to proceed further.

My Addons

(3) On the following screen, select PVR Client.

PVR Client - IPTV Express

(4) Now, choose Stalker Client.

Stalker Client

(5) Select the Configure icon available at the bottom.

Configure - IPTV Express

(6) Choose Portal 1 under General.

Portal 1

(7) Provide the MAC Address as such that you have received in the email.

MAC Address - IPTV Express

(8) Press OK and select Server Address.

(9) You should enter the New Portal URL that you received in the email.

(10) Click OK and tap the Enable icon on the Stalker Client window.

Enable - IPTV Express

(11) Further, choose TV on the left pane, and you can start stream IPTV Express on Kodi-compatible devices.

How to Download IPTV Express on Android Smart TV

Android, by default, will not allow installing third-party apk. So, you should make the following changes.

  • Open Settings on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the Personal section and choose Security.
  • Click on the check box of Unknown Sources.
  • If you get a prompt, select Allow.

(1) Launch any of the browsers on your Android device.

(2) On the address field, type the IPTV Express apk download link and search for it.

(3) Look for the latest version of the IPTV Express apk and download it.

(4) After the download and click Open to start installing it.

(6) Once after the installation, launch IPTV Express and start streaming.

How to Watch IPTV Express on MAG Device

(1) With the MAG device turned on, navigate to Settings.

(2) Choose the System Settings option.

(3) On the following window, select Server and click Portals.

(4) Provide the portal name followed by M3U URL as you received in the email. i.e., http://servername:port/.

(5) Now, add the portal and select Video.

(6) Click Video Output Mode and press Auto.

(7) When it is done, restart MAG to stream IPTV Express on MAG.

Customer Support

IPTV Express

The only way to get connected with the support team of IPTV Express is through email. You can mail your queries and the customer executive will reply to you within three business days. You can make use of the Contact Us form to request a solution. In the Contact Us form, you need to provide your name, email ID, order ID, and message.


IPTV Express is a subscription-based service, and you install it on a wide range of devices. It ensures you get the best of entertainment with hundreds of channel support. If IPTV Express isn’t your choice, you shall try Outlaw IPTV or Sansat IPTV for a better experience.