eDoctor IPTV for Android / Firestick / PC: How to Install

eDoctor IPTV

Most of the IPTV providers are subscription-based services. You have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to access the live TV channels and on-demand content. But only a few are available for free. GT IPTV and eDoctor IPTV are some of the IPTV providers that are available for free.

eDoctor IPTV is a freemium IPTV provider. The users can watch thousands of live TV channels from the USA and the UK with ads. If you want ad-free content, you can buy the Gold Edition of the app. Apart from the ad-free video content, there are many advantages to using the Gold Edition. Explore more about the IPTV in the rest of the article.

How to Buy Gold Edition eDoctor IPTV

(1) From your smartphone or PC, go to the eDoctor IPTV website.

eDoctor IPTV

(2) Scroll down a little and tap the Want an Ads-free edition? Click Here button.

eDoctor IPTV

(3) The Gold Edition of the IPTV will appear. It offers four subscription plans, $5 per month, $13 for three months, $24 for six months, and $45 per year.

(4) Click the PayPal image for the payment.

Gold Edition

(5) Once the payment is finished, you will get the Gold Edition IPTV credentials.

Why Need a VPN for IPTV?

Using IPTV is prohibited in many countries. To spoof your geolocation, use a VPN. With a VPN, you can use any of the IPTV services from your home location. VPNs like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN have more than 5000 servers in 90+ countries. Use any of those VPNs.

Supported Devices

  • Android Smartphone/Tablet
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Smart TV
  • Windows PC

How to Install eDoctor IPTV on Android Smartphone/Tablet

(1) On your Android smartphone, go to the eDoctor IPTV download link https://bit.ly/2UypuaC.

(2) The apk file will be downloaded. Tap the Open button on the browser.

eDoctor IPTV

(3) On the installation screen, tap the Install button.

eDoctor IPTV

(4) After the installation, tap the Open button.

Open button

(5) In the free edition, you have to install the necessary plug-in manually. Follow the on-screen procedures to install all the plug-ins.

eDoctor IPTV

(6) In the Gold Edition, you can sign in with your IPTV credentials. All the plug-ins will be preinstalled.

How to Install eDoctor IPTV on Amazon Firestick

To install the eDoctor IPTV on Firestick, you have to tweak some settings in your Firestick. To do so,

(1) Go to the Settings option on the Home screen.

eDoctor IPTV

(2) Select the My Fire TV or Devices option from the Settings menu.

My Fire TV

(3) On the next screen, select the Developer options.

eDoctor IPTV

(4) Choose the Apps from Unknown Sources option from the two options displayed.

eDoctor IPTV

(5) Click the Turn On button to confirm the changes.

Turn On button

Install eDoctor IPTV on Firestick Using Downloader

(1) Go to the Firestick‚Äôs Home screen and click the Search icon.

eDoctor IPTV

(2) Search for the Downloader app and select the app.

Downloader app

(3) Then, click the Download icon or Get icon to install the Downloader app.

Download button

(4) Select the Open icon to launch the Downloader app.

Open button

(5) On the Search bar, type the eDoctor IPTV download link https://bit.ly/2UypuaC. Click the Go button.

eDoctor IPTV

(6) Tap the Install button, followed by the Open button to launch the IPTV app.

(7) Install the plug-ins or sign in with your IPTV credentials to watch all the live TV channels.

How to Install eDoctor IPTV on Android Smart TV

(1) Open any of the browsers on your Android TV and go to the IPTV download link, https://bit.ly/2UypuaC.

(2) Download the eDoctor IPTV apk file from the link.

(3) Go to the Downloads folder and install the apk file.

(4) Like smartphones, install the plug-ins or sign in with your Gold Edition credentials.

How to Install eDoctor IPTV on Windows PC

(1) On your PC, go to the eDoctor IPTV website.

eDoctor IPTV

(2) Tap the eDoctor IPTV 7.05 button.

eDoctor IPTV

(3) Under System Compatability, choose Windows OS.

eDoctor IPTV

(4) Then, download the extension file on your Windows PC.

(5) Install the extension file and watch live TV channels on your PC.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Like most of the services, eDoctor TV has email support to contact customer executives. In the form, you have to enter your name, email, country, city, subject, and your query. You will get a reply mail from the IPTV services within two days.


Being one of the fewest IPTV providers that are available for free, eDoctor IPTV is a must-have app. The Gold Edition is also worth the buy. But, we suggest you use the free edition for a while and test the live TV channels. If there are no buffering issues and no technical issues, go for the Gold Edition.