The IPTV Guy: How to Use IPTV Set-top Box

The IPTV Guy
The IPTV Guy

IPTV is a simple way of accessing entertainment on your device. IPTV has been revolutionized the way of streaming entertainment content on your smartphone, PC, and TV. They are portable and do not involve any antenna or cord to establish the connection. IPTVs are the best alternative for cable and satellite TV services. It cost very little than any cable TV subscription. Let’s see about The IPTV Guy.

The IPTV Guy is a popular set-top box-based IPTV service that offers only set-top boxes to stream Movies, TV shows, Live TV channels, and more. This IPTV service has no application or apk on its own. You can connect any of its set-top boxes to your TV and start streaming with any IPTV subscription.

Get a VPN for IPTV Set-top Box

It is best to have a VPN service before streaming any IPTV content. Most of the IPTV content is not copyrighted. In the set-top box IPTV, you need to be more careful while entering personal information. If the set-top is compatible with a VPN, install any VPN that mostly comes with an in-built VPN. If not, you can try using some of the premium VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

How to Buy The IPTV Guy Set Top Box

[1] Go to The IPTV Guy website.

[2] Choose any of the available devices from the list.

[3] Click on Add to Cart, and it will be added to the cart.

The IPTV Guy Shop

[4] Then click on View cart next to the Add to cart button to view the item in the cart.

View Cart

[5] Now, apply any coupon code if available, and click on Proceed to Checkout.

Proceed to Checkout

[6] Checkout by entering the personal and payment details.


[7] Once done, make the payment online, and you will receive your IPTV set-top box.

How to Use The IPTV Guy Firestick


Firestick is the most used streaming device around the world. IPTV Guy offers Jailbroken Firestick devices with pre-installed Kodi’s latest version, Mobdro, and Cinema HD. All you need to is connect the device to the HDMI port of the TV and start streaming. The Amazon Firestick costs around $65.00 for the 2nd Generation device and $95.00 for the 3rd Generation 4K model device.

How to Set up The IPTV Guy Android TV Box

The IPTV guys Android TV Box

Android TV box of the IPTV guys allows you to stream IPTV content on your TV just by connecting the device to the HDMI port of your TV. The Firestick and Android Box work similarly with some slight changes in the user interface. It also comes with some pre-installed IPTV player applications like Kodi, Mobdro, etc. It has several kinds of Android devices like Zoomtak Boxes for Quadcore Device at $120, Formuler Z7+ Android 4K Box at $160, and Dreamlink T2, T3, E1, E2, & E3 boxes at $130.

How to Stream The IPTV Guy MAG device


Just like the other two devices mentioned above, MAG is another streaming service that is also available in the IPTV Guys store. Just purchase the device and start streaming all your favorite IPTV content on your TV. Like all other devices, it comes with some in-built application that allows you to stream your favorite IPTV service. There are several MAG devices like MAG322W1 at $99, MAG324W2 at $120, MAG420W1 at $119.99, MAG424/424W3 at $130, and MAG425A at $129.99.

Customer Support

The IPTV Guy offers amazing customer care service. You can use the contact form that appears on the contact page of the website, where you can raise your queries, and you will receive a response via mail. You can call them on (310) 462-2604 or mail to [email protected].


Set-top boxes or streaming devices are the only way to access the IPTV Guy service. There is no other application or apk available in any official app store. Also, they do not offer any IPTV content on its own to stream. So make sure to have an active IPTV subscription before buying one. If you have any queries about the IPTV set-top box, let us know in the comments section below. Try other IPTV set-top boxes like Astro IPTV and Broadcasting Hut IPTV.