How to Fix Ghost IPTV Not Working [All Possible Troubleshoots]

Ghost IPTV not working

Ghost IPTV is one of the favorite IPTV providers for many users because of its vast selection of channels and playback streaming quality. However, like any other IPTV service, Ghost IPTV can also experience occasional glitches. If you are struggling with any sort of technical issues like playback issues, black screen issues, or any other issues and have no idea how to resolve them. Here are the most common issues and easy solutions to get rid of the not working problem of Ghost IPTV.

Why is Ghost IPTV Not Working?

Here are some primary reasons for Ghost IPTV not working.

  • No internet or poor internet connectivity
  • Server maintenance on Ghost IPTV’s end
  • Due to an expired subscription
  • Incompatibility with your device or operating system

Common Issues and Fixes for Ghost IPTV Not Working Issue

Ghost IPTV may face these issues causing it to not work properly

  • Black screen issue
  • Login or Activation
  • Buffering or playback issue
  • Audio and video issues
  • IPTV crashes or freezes
  • Notification related issue

Black Screen Issue

Streaming Ghost IPTV using an outdated IPTV player can lead to Black or white screen issues. Simultaneously, when your internet connection is unstable, it can cause there screen-related glitches. However, these issues are quite common and can be easily resolved.

Ghost IPTV not working: Black screen issue

How to Fix this issue?

1. Make sure that the IPTV player that you are using to stream Ghost IPTV is up to date.

2. Ensure that your internet connection is stable. Sometimes a slow or intermittent connection can also cause black screen issues. So it is recommended to test your internet speed.

3. Check if the issue occurs with other IPTV players as well. If the issue persists, then there might be a fault with your device.

4. Restart the device from which you are attempting to stream Ghost IPTV.

Login or Activation issues

Sometimes, your IPTV provider may prevent you from logging into your active account. Although it is uncommon, you may face this in rare scenarios. This kind of issue can cause if you enter incorrect login details.

Ghost IPTV not working: Login issue

How to Fix this issue?

1. Double-check your login credentials and IPTV M3U URL to ensure they are correct.

2. Make sure that you have activated your account from the official Ghost IPTV website.

3. Ensure that your subscription is active.

Buffering or playback issue

Sometimes, while streaming Ghost IPTV content, you may face issues like the video stops playing and only audio is heard or vice versa. This will happen mainly because of the corrupted M3U URL playlist.

How to Fix this Issue?

1. Check whether the playlist URL is working correctly with other IPTV players.

2. Ensure that the issue is not specific to certain channels. Sometimes, the problems may occur in one or two channels because of their technical issues.

3. If none of the technics helps you to recover from the issue, uninstall and reinstall the IPTV player and check whether the problem is resolved.

Audio and Video Issue

Experiencing audio and video problems with Ghost IPTV can be quite frustrating. This issue arises when the audio and video are not synchronized properly. However, this issue can be resolved by following some troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix this Issue?

1. If multiple devices are using the same network. It might affect your streaming quality and causes audio and video issues. So disconnect the network from other devices.

2. Test the audio and videos of different channels because the issue might be specific to certain channels or streams.

3. Ensure that your device’s sound is turned on and the volume is not muted.

IPTV Crashes or Freezes

If the IPTV is crashing or freezing all of a sudden, it means that the application becomes unresponsive. This may happen due to several reasons, such as software bugs, memory issues, or conflicts with other applications.

How to Fix the Issue?

1. Restart the IPTV app and see if the issue is resolved. Sometimes, a simple restart can fix temporary glitches

2. Clear the cache memory of the IPTV player and check whether the problem is resolved.

3. Make sure that the Ghost IPTV server is up and running. You can check the current status of the server by visiting the Downdetector website.

4. If the server is fine, but still the problem persists, then replace the current IPTV player with top IPTV players like TiviMate or Perfect IPTV Player.

Notification related issue

If you do not get notifications from Ghost IPTV, you could miss important updates about new content. So it is important to check the notifications regularly to get updated with the latest news regarding your IPTV.

How to Fix the Issue?

1. Turn on the notifications of your IPTV player application.

2. Ensure that the notification sound is not turned off or silenced on your device.

3. Some devices have battery-saving settings that restrict app activities in the background, which can affect notifications. So, disable the battery saver mode and ensure that you are receiving the notifications from your IPTV player.

If you failed to get rid of Ghost IPTV not working issue, even after trying all these troubleshooting methods, then contact the customer support of Ghost IPTV by visiting its official website. They will guide you on how to resolve the issue that you are facing.