Flixstik IPTV Review: How to Stream on Android / Firestick / PC

Flixstik IPTV
Flixstik IPTV

IPTV has given a new perspective to people who love watching television. It offers lots of content globally at a very low cost with no commitments, contracts, and installation. Flixstik IPTV offers all the features available on all commonly used IPTV services like movies, TV shows, Live channels, etc. Apart from that, it is portable and accessible on all your devices. So let’s look up how to install and access Flixstick IPTV.

Use a VPN and be Anonymous

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Available devices

Flixstik IPTV is available on Android and Android-based devices like smartphone, Fire TV stick, Android box, Nvidia Shield, Android TV, IPTV box, and PC.

How to Install Flixstik IPTV on Android

[1] Download and install the Flixstik App from your browser using the URL: https://bit.ly/38pjbhJ.

[2] Open Flixstik IPTV after installation.

[3] Click on Add new user to add your profile.

Add user

[4] Choose Login with Xtream codes API.

Flixstik IPTV - login

[5] Enter your profile name (any name of your choice), username, and password.

Flixstik IPTV

[6] Finally, click on Add user to add to list users.

[7] Now, click on List users to start watching on Flixstick IPTV.

Flixstik IPTV

How to Install Flixstik IPTV on FireStick

[1] Turn on your Fire TV stick and select Settings from the home screen.


[2] Navigate to the My Fire TV/Device settings tab.

my fire tv

[3] Choose Developer options from the menu.

developer options

[4] Select Apps from unknown sources under Developer options.

apps from unknown sources

[5] Turn on Apps from unknown sources.

turn on - Flixstik IPTV

[6] Now, press the Voice button on your Alexa remote or click on Search from the home screen.


[7] Say or search for the Downloader app from the Amazon app store.

[8] Click on the Download icon to start the download and install process.

[9] Open Downloader from your Apps section.

[10] Enter the URL: https://bit.ly/38pjbhJ and click on Go to download Flixstik IPTV apk.

downloader - go

[11] Once downloaded, install the Flixstik apk on your device.

[12] Open the Flixstik IPTV app under the apps category.

[13] Click on Add new user to proceed with login.

Add user - Flixstik IPTV

[14] Choose Login with Xtream codes for API.

login with xtream code - Flixstik IPTV

[15] Enter your name (any name), username, and password of Flixstik IPTV.

[16] Click on Add user and tap on your profile to watch Flixstik TV.

Flixstik IPTV

How to Install Flixstik IPTV on PC (Windows and Mac)

[1] Download Flixstik IPTV apk from any browser using URL: https://bit.ly/38pjbhJ.

[2] Also, download and install Bluestacks on your Windows or Mac PC.

[3] Open Bluestacks app player and click on the menu icon near installed apps.

[4] Choose Install apk from the menu.

[5] Browse to the downloaded location of Flixstick IPTV and select it.

[6] Wait until the apk gets installed and open the Flixstik App.

[7] Click on add new user and choose Login with Xtream codes API.

login with xtream Api

[8] Enter your profile name, username, and password in the respective field.


[9] Click on Add user to start streaming on Flixstik TV.


Flixstik IPTV is not as popular as Beast, Helix, and several other IPTVs. But it offers some quality content to stream. If you have any trouble accessing the IPTV, use the comments section below. Explore iptvplayers.com for more IPTV guides and updates.